9 All Too Real Signs You're a Hopeless Romantic ...


9 All Too Real Signs You're a Hopeless Romantic ...
9 All Too Real Signs You're a Hopeless Romantic ...

The very phrase seems to be negative, but really, if you show signs you're a hopeless romantic, you should be happy. It’s one of those things that doesn’t seem to properly express what it means. You aren’t just a strong believer in the power of love when you’re a hopeless romantic. You have hope that love will win through and really, that makes you anything but hopeless. We need hopeless romantics in this harsh world, people who still dream they will find true love and hope it for everyone else too. Stay the way you are if you have any of these signs you're a hopeless romantic.

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You’re in Love with the Idea of Love

photograph, man, black and white, nose, monochrome photography, The absolute, undeniable best of the many signs you’re a hopeless romantic is that you are in love with the idea of love. You often jump into relationships and you love passionately, deeply, completely and sometimes, even dangerously. You find it hard to differentiate between the idea of being in love or actually being in love because you are intoxicated by your notion of love. Don’t be surprised if you fall hard for people you are not meant to be with.


Romance is Your Genre of Choice

photograph, romance, love, emotion, snapshot, What to watch this evening? A romantic movie, of course. What are your bookshelves lined with? Romantic novels, of course. You want to absorb the idea of true love and as much romance as you can from anything – books, movies, telly, magazines, blogs etc. Undoubtedly, you’ve got your favourite movies you watch over and over and favourite books you read from cover to cover.


You Know You’ll Meet Your Prince Charming

photograph, black and white, man, photography, monochrome photography, If you’re truly a hopeless romantic, you spend hours daydreaming that your Prince Charming is out there and one day he will ride up on his white charger, fall in love with you at first sight and carry you off into wedded bliss. You are the lead character in a whole romantic novel you’ve written in your head.


You Believe in Soulmates

interaction, girl, love, romance, hug, You don’t just know your Prince Charming exists, you also believe in soulmates. You’re sure you’ll find your soulmate but you’re happy to fall in love however many times until you find him. And you aren’t just unshaken in your belief in soulmates, you know you are a lobster. A lobster? Ask Phoebe from "Friends." She knows that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You see yourself and your soulmate still walking round in old age, holding claws.


You Have High Expectations

You have read so many romantic novels and watched so many romantic movies that your expectations of love are high, sometimes sky rocket, unattainably high. The heroine always gets her man in the end and their love is epic – romantic surprises, chivalrous acts galore and perfect dates. You don’t even like to consider the idea that true love simply isn’t like that and things like that only happen in your imagination, books and movies.


You Have Faith That Love Wins in the End

interaction, bride, ceremony, girl, event, Being a hopeless romantic has given you the complete faith that everyone will eventually find love. Your outlook on love is very positive and you promise your friends that when their love lives are in the toilet everything will work out fine and they will find their own Prince Charming/soulmate/lobster. You keep believing in true love even when they don’t.


Valentine’s Day is Your Favourite Day of the Year

girl, Valentine’s Day is Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries rolled into one perfect day. It’s the day you look forward to all year and you start preparing for it the day after Christmas. You can spend hours and hours choosing the perfect card and the ideal gift You write massive to-do lists to ensure the perfect day. And if you don’t happen to have a bae on February 14h, you target your current crush and go all out to harness the power of love and make him yours.


Let’s Talk about Weddings

black and white, beauty, girl, fashion, monochrome photography, Well, there’s really nothing to talk about is there? You’ve been dreaming of your perfect wedding since you were 6. You’ve had a bride’s book since you were 10 and then you discovered Pinterest. Now there’s a board with all of your wedding fantasies. Others might think that means you’ll need two years to plan your wedding. Au contraire. You have it planned already. You just update constantly as you see new ideas.


You Prefer Dates the Old-fashioned Way

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, girl, You haven’t yet accepted that love can be found on an app. For you, love means finally having your crush ask you out, or the meeting of eyes across a coffee shop that leads to a movie date. Tinder just doesn’t have a place in your world of Disney princesses and chivalrous beaus. You still want the grand gestures, slushy love songs and holding hands in the moonlight.

Do you recognise yourself above? I say good for you. In a dark world, romance brings light and joy.

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