9 All Too Real ✌️ Signs You're a Hopeless Romantic 😍 ...

The very phrase seems to be negative, but really, if you show signs you're a hopeless romantic, you should be happy. It’s one of those things that doesn’t seem to properly express what it means. You aren’t just a strong believer in the power of love when you’re a hopeless romantic. You have hope that love will win through and really, that makes you anything but hopeless. We need hopeless romantics in this harsh world, people who still dream they will find true love and hope it for everyone else too. Stay the way you are if you have any of these signs you're a hopeless romantic.

1. You’re in Love with the Idea of Love

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The absolute, undeniable best of the many signs you’re a hopeless romantic is that you are in love with the idea of love. You often jump into relationships and you love passionately, deeply, completely and sometimes, even dangerously. You find it hard to differentiate between the idea of being in love or actually being in love because you are intoxicated by your notion of love. Don’t be surprised if you fall hard for people you are not meant to be with.

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