7 Signs You're over a Breakup and Ready to Move on ...


There are some signs you’re over a breakup that you can look for to help you know when you’re ready to move on. Going through a break up is hard. It takes time to deal with those complicated feelings. These are some signs you’re over a breakup that you can look for in yourself.

1. You Aren’t Constantly Checking Your Phone

One of the signs you’re over a breakup is if you aren’t constantly checking your phone. It’s a normal thing to expect a message after a breakup. But when you reach the point where you don’t feel the need to constantly check your phone, you’re making progress. It means you know all the loose ends of the relationship have been tied up. It’s a good sign you’re ready to move on.

You Don’t Care if He’s Moving on


It's exactely what Im felliing yay :D
Christine Escobia
This was indeed a good piece of advice and tips specially for a person like that still having thoughts of my first boyfriend, 3 years have past since i have my first heartbreak. But then i realiZed it...
I am so glad to read this article. Even though I know I have reached a good point after my breakup it's nice to read this and know how far along I've come. A relationship is a journey and so is a brea...
Hmmm good post. I agree all good points. Every once in awhile we all have to refer to these breakup tips. So happy once you've moved on I've nvr regretted a breakup. Thx4 posting
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