7 Signs You're Ready to Start Dating after a Break up ...


After a break up, you might decide to take time off from dating. This gives you an opportunity to evaluate what went wrong, and you can work on yourself. But after several months, you might consider looking for love again. It can be hard to know whether you're ready to move on, but here are seven signs to help you decide whether you’re ready to move onto a new relationship.

1. You’re No Longer Bitter about the Break up

After breaking up with your ex, you might be bitter and angry for some time. This is normal, especially if you did everything possible to make the relationship work. Some people jump into a new relationship before they’ve completely healed from the hurt of an old one. This is dangerous because you might bring baggage into your new relationship. But if you can honestly say you're no longer bitter about a break up, chances are you’re ready for a new relationship.

You're a Better Version of Yourself


Great tips! Thanks :)
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Your open minded, it piques your interest to pursue unconventional relationships.
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Hmmm how about just happening to meet a man who makes you feel whole again
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