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9 Signs You've Finally Landed the Nice Guy for Girls Sick of Jerks ...

By Jennifer

You've suspected it for a while now, but you just want to confirm it once and for all: have you landed a Nice Guy? Here are a few ways to make sure.

1 He Treats Service Staff with Respect

Waiters, cashiers, cab drivers — he treats them all with politeness, courtesy, and frequently, he's downright chatty with the service staff he interacts with. This, my dear, is one sure sign the guy you're with is indeed nice.

2 The Magic Words

They're not "I love you" or "I made dinner" ... though those things are nice too! The magic words I'm thinking of are "I'm sorry." If your guy has no problem admitting when he's wrong, it's another clue that he's got a heart of gold.

3 He Loves to Make You Laugh

... but only with appropriate jokes, of course, never anything racist, sexist, misogynistic, etc. Bonus points if he can make you laugh by laughing at himself.

4 He's Not Afraid to Use the F Word

Feminism. That F word. If he uses it, and he actually seems to be truly interested in equality for all, regardless of sex or gender, then he's a nice guy. The end.

5 He's an Animal Lover

If your fella's BFF is furry and named Fido, and if he takes good care of his Fido friend, he's probably a nice guy. I mean, really, how many good pet owners have you know who weren't just the best?

6 He Doesn't Get Shaming

... and he certainly doesn't do it. He doesn't understand why people give women (or men) such a hard time about their bodies, and he doesn't call out what other adults should or shouldn't be doing or wearing.

7 He Takes Care

Does your man want to take care of you when you're sick? Does he take good care of his siblings, parents, and other friends and family? Oh. Yep. He's probably a nice guy.

8 His People Are Good

If you've met his friends and family, and they're all nice, since birds of a feather flock together, he's almost certainly a nice person, too.

9 He Takes It as a Compliment

Some people seem afraid of, or are offended by, that word, "nice." But if you've heard him graciously accept the compliment "You're so nice!" then he might actually be trying to further cultivate his niceness, which is fantastic!

So... do you have a nice guy? When did you first suspect?

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