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7 Signs Your Boyfriend is Too Childish to Date ...

By Holly

You don't want to waste your time dating someone who won't treat you the way you deserve. If your boyfriend acts like more of a child than an adult, you have a problem. That's why Style Caster is here to give you the signs that your boyfriend is too childish to date:

1 He Doesn’t Pick up after Himself
Does he expect you to do the dishes, even though he's the only one who threw stuff in the sink? That's a red flag.

2 He’s Recklessly Impulsive

He’s Recklessly Impulsive He should think before he acts. Otherwise, he'll always end up in trouble.

3 He’s a Little Too Close to His Mother

He’s a Little Too Close to His Mother If his mom is still buying him clothes and telling him what to wear in the morning, you have a major problem on your hands.

4 He’s Selfish in Bed

He’s Selfish in Bed A mature man knows that your pleasure is just as important as his pleasure is.

5 He Avoids Serious Conversations

He Avoids Serious Conversations You can't spend all your time talking about video games. You need to talk about the deeper things in life.

6 He Brushes off Your Family and Friends

He Brushes off Your Family and Friends If he thinks that meeting your family after months of dating is too big of a step, then he's clearly not ready for a serious relationship.

7 Any Mention of Children or Commitment Make Him Panic
If you want a real relationship, then you can't be with someone who flees whenever they hear the word "marriage."

Have you ever dated a childish man?

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