What Hes Thinking when You Dont Text Back ...

By Holly

We're not the only ones who freak out when our crush won't text back. Boys get just as annoyed by being ignored. According to Cosmopolitan, here's what a man will start thinking when you take a while to text him back:

Table of contents:

  1. don't send a follow-up text... don't send a follow-up text...
  2. maybe she didn't get my text?
  3. is this a mind game?
  4. maybe i did something wrong?
  5. should i try calling?
  6. oh, i have a text, maybe it's from her
  7. she better be dead

1 Don't Send a Follow-up Text... Don't Send a Follow-up Text...

He wants you to answer, so he'll have the urge to send you a second text.

2 Maybe She Didn't Get My Text?

When he doesn't get a response, he'll wonder if his phone is to blame.

3 Is This a Mind Game?

Some girls love to play mind games, and he'll start to wonder if you're one of them.

4 Maybe I Did Something Wrong?

Men usually get the cold shoulder after they've done something wrong, so he'll rethink everything he did that day to make sure he didn't upset you.

5 Should I Try Calling?

Some girls prefer to talk over the phone than to text, so he'll debate whether or not he should give you a ring.

6 Oh, I Have a Text, Maybe It's from Her

Every single time his phone beeps, he'll look at the screen, hoping to see your name.

7 She Better Be Dead

Of course, he doesn't actually want this to be true. He's just annoyed that he isn't getting his way.

Do you have any of these thoughts when your crush won't text back?

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