7 Signs He'd Never Dream of Cheating on You ...


7 Signs He'd Never Dream of Cheating on You ...
7 Signs He'd Never Dream of Cheating on You ...

Do you worry your man won’t be faithful? It’s something many women fear. But there’re some signs he’d never dream of cheating on you. If you see these reassuring traits in your guy then you can relax and know the chances of him cheating are very low.

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His Friends Are Faithful

The truth is that our friends influence us, at least to some degree. If your man has friends that’re faithful to their girlfriends or wives then there isn’t going to be a bad influence from them. You can trust that commitment is something they believe in and that’s a good influence on your man. Don’t panic if there’s one guy in your man’s circle who’s cheated; look at the overall picture of his friends. And if your man has good friends then tell them you appreciate them for the good guys they are!


Fights Are Few and Far between

It’s not a good thing for your relationship if you fight constantly or if you never fight at all. Too many fights probably mean that things aren’t good between the two of you and never having any conflict suggests you’re ignoring issues in your relationship. An occasional fight means that you’re a normal couple and you keep it real. If your relationship isn’t in serious trouble then he’s unlikely to cheat. Men that cheat usually are very unhappy in their relationship.


He’s a Man of Integrity

One of the many things I respect about my husband is that he’s a man of integrity. He’s got a kind heart and good morals to go with it. If your man is also like that then you can relax. Men of integrity have a strong moral code. That includes the belief in faithfulness.


You Laugh Together

Laughing together is healthy for your relationship. It says that you have fun together. You find each other’s company enjoyable. You can be laughing together at an inside joke or even at a rom-com. The fact is that laughing together is a type of relationship glue that keeps you strong as a couple.


He’s Transparent

Men that cheat are often the type that hides things. They don’t tell you a lot of what’s going on in their life. You always feel like they’re holding things back. If you’re guy is honest and transparent then appreciate that trait in him. It’s unlikely he’s a cheater with this great trait.


Sex is Mutually Satisfying

When sex is good for both of you then your relationship is in a good place. It’s unusual for a man to cheat when he likes what’s going on between the sheets. Affairs often happen when sex isn’t happening at home. The important thing here is that you’re both working at meeting each other’s needs. Sexual satisfaction should never be one-sided.


Your Intuition Tells You Not to Worry

Women’s intuition is real and rarely wrong. Our gut feelings are honest even if we don’t always like what they’re saying. If your intuition says that all is well in your relationship then don’t stress about it. Relax and enjoy the great guy you have! Many times we worry when there’s truly nothing to worry about.

These’re 7 signs he’d never dream of cheating on you. Do you see some of these positive traits in your guy? Go ahead and brag on your man!

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Good article....got rid of a couple of my doubts lol

Agree with you Cindy!! Men can never get enough of sex!! Whether it's chatting, watching porn or staring women down!! A some

Men cheat for sex. Most men would rarely every turn down sex anytime... but women reject men frequently. Very few women match a mans sexual energy long term. You should make a man wait in the beginning, but he won’t stick around if he doesn’t have some effort returned. Ask yourself honestly how often you turn him down vs how often you take him up on his advances. If you don’t want your man to cheat... make sure his sexual needs are taken care of. I don’t think women realize how important sex is for men because it comes so easy for women. If you’re an attractive women you can have sex anytime you want. Want proof... men masturbate twice as much as women because men are much more sexually deprived.

Thank God I have a faithful husband! I know what it like to be cheated on and it's the worst. Great article I really enjoyed it.

What do you do if he says he went out with a family friend but just as a friend but it's the one girl his parents want him to marry someday should you be scared he will cheat?

@Stef, I do hope that was a bad joke? U already know that answer or u wouldn't have to ask anyone. U already know deep down what's going on between them!!

Not true. Just broke up with my boyfriend. He acted just like this. Then found out on the one night a week we were not together, he was dating other girls. Three to be exact. Absolutely heartbroken. He was the perfect man on the surface. I had no clue.

A female body is everything the think about, never trust them, you'll get heartbroken for sure. If you haven't noticed it yet, they are doing a great job at hiding it. They want their cake and eat it too!!!

Cheat and don't be beat

My fiancée just got caught cheating. Wasn't physically BUT STILL

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