Foolproof Tips to Make Him Happy Every Day ...


Foolproof Tips to Make Him Happy Every Day ...
Foolproof Tips to Make Him Happy Every Day ...

A relationship requires some romantic gestures, and it is sometimes hard to think of ways to make him happy. The great thing about these little gestures is that it doesn't have to be something extraordinary. A romantic gesture means the world when it is sentimental to your significant other. Here are some ideas on ways to make him happy!

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Cook & Clean

clothing, dress, pattern, My first and most basic tip on ways to make him happy includes the good old fashioned cooking and cleaning. While your lover’s at work, clean the house and keep it spotless. Make his favorite meal or dessert (if he has already eaten) and surprise him when he comes home! If you’re over the top like me, dim the lights, play romantic music and spark some candles for an extra oomph. Men cannot resist coming home to a home-cooked meal and a spotless house. This will be sure to make his day!


Buy Him Something

person, people, meal, 13k, When I say buy him something, it does not have to be something crazy expensive. By this I mean buy him something you know he’s been needing or wanting. Men are lazy, and if there is something he’s been talking about needing or wanting (not too pricey), then go out and buy it for him! Come home and surprise him with it. He will be so happy to see that you remembered he needed it, and will be grateful that you got it for him.


Plan Something Nice

person, soldier, woman, profession, silhouette, Another way to make your man happy is to plan a nice getaway for the both of you. This could be a short and sweet getaway, such as a picnic at a park with some sandwiches and snacks. This could also be a couples retreat for the weekend as a gift from you to him. Whatever the case, anything you take the time to plan will mean the world to him. See when you’re both free on your schedules and plan a nice surprise.


Write Him a Letter

animal, reptile, nose, moustache, snake, Leave your man a sweet and genuine letter somewhere for him to see. You could leave it at his home office, study room or in the fridge taped to a sandwich you made. Show him you appreciate him in writing. Depending on your guy, keep your letter short and sweet or make it long and passionate – whatever is appropriate. This will be a nice surprise for him to wake up to, and will definitely start his day off right!


Do Something Different

person, man, male, walking, love, Plan something new and different that you two don’t usually do. Buy tickets to the zoo or a theme park and surprise him with them! If your guy is not into that, try to find something you know he would like. Maybe tickets to a basketball or football game, a stand-up comedy show or maybe a couple’s massage. There are plenty of options for you to surprise your man with a fun activity. As long as you’re spending time together, he’ll be happy!


Support Him

hair, person, facial expression, hairstyle, emotion, Nothing means more than support from your significant other. Let him know how proud you are of him and that you’re 100% supportive of his decisions and choices. Part of a relationship is being independent while still sharing a life together. Make sure he knows how proud, appreciative and supportive you are of what he’s doing. He will be so happy to know that he has your support and love.


Give Him Space

hair, person, hairstyle, emotion, religion, While all the little things you do for your man means the world, a little space is good for the both of you. It is important to be independent in a relationship. Give him time for his work, his friends and his family. Take that time for yourself and do things that make you happy, as well! This is crucial in keeping the both of you happy and getting the best out of your relationship.


Ask Him for Help Sometimes

person, hair, facial expression, black and white, hairstyle, A lot of guys are natural helpers. Sometimes it seems like they're trying to take over, but in reality, they're just trying to give you a hand. It's frustrating sometimes, but remember that it comes from a good place. Every now and then, ask him to help you.


And Accept Help when He Offers

Syfy, #THE, MAgICIANS, syfy, Similarly, when he offers to help you do something, let him – even if you think you do it better. This is actually helpful to you, too. In addition to letting your man know you need him, you're also ensuring that he'll keep asking, which you'll appreciate later even if you don't always appreciate his offers now. Remember, if you always say no when he asks to help, soon he'll stop offering altogether.


Give Him Honest Compliments

hair, hairstyle, album cover, red hair, Your, Don't just toss off lip-service comments and don't limit them to physical comments, either. Compliment the way he does something he's good at, whether it's building things with wood or washing the dishes. Get specific and detailed by letting him know you love all the shades in his eyes, the texture of his skin, or the way his cowlick sticks up all the time.


Be Affectionate, Just Because

black, white, color, black and white, photography, You don't always need a reason to hug, kiss, or touch someone you love. Don't you love it when your man kisses you or brushes your hair back for no reason at all? Do that for him, too. It will light up his whole day and will likely make him even more affectionate in return.


Show an Interest in His Interests

film, durbiezdusune, This might be easy because you might share the same interests. No matter what, though, if there's something he's really passionate about – football, making music, playing video games, going camping – then at least give it a try. You don't have to do this activity with him all the time, but occasionally sharing it with him is lovely.


Get to Know His Buddies

Get to Know His Buddies Just as with his hobbies and interests, his friends don't have to become your brand new besties. At the same time, it's nice to try to get to know them. His friends reveal all sorts of neat things about him, after all, plus you might genuinely like them, too.


Leave Him Little Love Notes

black, white, photograph, photography, texture, This is guaranteed to make him happy. Writing a love note is one of those gestures that can brighten up the entire day. It doesn't have to be long or epic; a simple Post-It note does just fine. Wish him luck for the day, tell him to be careful, let him know you love him, and promise to see him when he gets home.


Romance Him

marine mammal, mammal, animal, whales dolphins and porpoises, sea, Here's the kicker, though: discover his personal brand of romance. What does he find romantic? Men love romance just as much as women, but their definitions may differ. Find out what strikes your man as romantic and surprise him with something sweet.


Show Him You Trust Him

black and white, facial expression, emotion, supernatural creature, film noir, Trust is huge in any relationship, of course, and it means a lot when you know your partner trusts you. Do your best to let him know you feel that way. He'll feel amazing not just all day, but for the entirety of your relationship.


Don't Pick Unnecessary Fights

I'm, not, gonna, nght, you, We all know that feeling where we're just itching for an argument simply because we need some kind of release. Don't give into that urge all the time. There's no reason to have a spat over something small and insignificant. Save your big talks for the issues that really matter.

I hope this article gave you some ideas on ways to make him happy. Keep in mind that every guy is different and only you know the best ways to make him smile! Make sure you apply these ideas accordingly. Don’t forget that the most important thing in a relationship is honesty, respect, and loyalty! What are some ways you like to make your man happy?

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I am hving problems with the "space" issue. It's hard to do...

Gender roles :/

Continued.. Men have feelings and emotions as well. Theses tips make him feel safe and secure. If you want to be spoiled by him, spoil him as often as you can, if you want him to keep his eyes on you.

Author isn't saying to do these things on a regular or daily basis! Everyone needs to settle down! Nothing wrong with doing kind things for a man. Doing any of these things doesn't make any woman a doormat. I'm sure women would like it if men did any of these things for them. If a man cooks or cleans for a woman it doesn't mean he's a wimp. Are we as women so insecure that we need to label ourselves as being "submissive" if we do the same? Double standards work both ways.

And to make this clearer, in my case, both my boyfriend and I work part time. We are only 20 years old. So, when he comes home to a clean apartment and dinner made - he's very happy. This doesn't mean that he doesn't cook or clean, as well. He sure does because I wouldn't stand for that either! lol

I think some of you are taking this article too seriously. If you knew me at all, you would know that I out of everyone support women's rights and independence. I still don't understand how some of you got that I degraded women in some of these tips! My boyfriend treats me like queen, and goes above and beyond to make me happy. These tips are in order to make your man happy once in a while, and have been proven to work in my case and many others. You also have to consider that many couples are different in terms of age, years together, and values. So, I don't think it is necessary to bash on my article for no reason at all :/ I do respect your opinions, however, you should know that my intent with this article is not at all what some of you accuse it to be.

@Jenny, It is but believe me it makes your man come back to you with his arm wide open with full power of his love

People that come here swearing and getting worked up over what is obviously a suggestion need a life seriously . Typical armchair activists. So bold, only on the keyboard though.

I don't know about anyone else, but to me a big part of feminism is *choices*. Being able to *choose* what you want to do rather than having a man (father *or* husband) choose for you. Perhaps some women choose a traditional role, but it is still her choice. Besides, there's nothing wrong with wanting to please the person you *does* need to be a two-way street, though.

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