Things We Think Impress Men but Really They Don't ...


Things We Think  Impress Men but Really They Don't ...
Things We Think  Impress Men but Really They Don't ...

You shouldn't alter your personality in order to impress a man. After all, it'll always backfire on you. According to Essence, here are a few things that don't actually impress men as much as we think it does:

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MS. I DON'T EAT He'd rather sit down to dinner with someone who eats an actual meal than someone who orders water and a salad, even thought they're starving. So don't be afraid to order that burger.



MS. FAIR-WEATHER SPORTS FAN If you hate sports, don't pretend to love them. Your man wants you to be honest with him. Besides, he has plenty of friends to watch the big game with. He doesn't need your support, too.



MS. GIGGLES Don't laugh at everything he says, just to make him feel important. He'll appreciate it more if you save your laughs for the jokes he tells that are actually funny. That way, he'll feel like he earned the laugh.



MS. KNOW IT ALL Men love smart women, but it's impossible to know it all. That's why you shouldn't feel bad if you're a little less experienced in some areas. He won't mind it.



MS. BODY CONSCIOUS You shouldn't stare in the mirror and check the scale every hour on the hour. Your man will want you to be confident, because he already knows how beautiful you are.



MS. TMI You don't have to tell him about every aspect of your life. Yes, it's good to be open with your partner. However, there are some things (like your bathroom habits) that should stay a secret.



hair, face, person, clothing, supermodel, Yes, men like attractive women. However, that doesn't mean that you need to wear dresses and heels constantly if you want to impress someone. You don't need makeup, either, because you're a natural beauty.


Ms. Designer-Label

music, singing, singer, It's, not, You might think men will be more impressed when they see you toting round that classic Chanel handbag or strutting around in the latest pair of Louboutins, but in reality men don't think much about the brands you wear, whether they're super expensive designer labels or not. Remember it's the way that you present yourself that he will notice and admire, not the labels or the price tags in your wardrobe.


Ms. Caught-in-the-moment

black, hair, black and white, white, face, Whether he ends up calling or texting you the next time he wants to see you will depend on your approach in terms of what you give him and what you don't. Remember that men love a chase, so don't give him everything at once and try to leave him wanting more!


Ms. Higher Education

graduation, academic dress, event, Men might be interested in your education, what you studied and what you learnt from it, but don't assume that's all they care about. Most of the time they would rather see your brain and charm over hearing every single detail of your rather high education. Even though it's something to be proud of, it can come across as bragging/boasting and even arrogance to some men.

Have you ever pretended to be any of these things?

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not at all, so none ;D

True I'm all for the be yourself approach in the end u want him to love u for u!

This post is so true. We should never lose ourselves over a guy. A real man appreciates a woman that is herself, I feel.

Lol yes to number 2. But I got caught out pretty quickly, because I didn't know the rules of the game I was supposed to be watching!

I disagree with the no giggling one, I feel that people should be happy, smiling, and laughing as much as possible when around their boyfriend.

I've never pretended to be someone else. Even in school where everyone wants to fit in a certain group. I refused to change myself and I stand by that. If men don't like me, that's fine there are plenty of others who do. It makes making friends much easier if you are honest with yourself and others. Having said that, not telling him your life story is a very good point. After all you want a bit of mystery and remember there's a time and place for everything.


Well....I'm not trying to be a know it all😢I'm just that girl who talks about different med studies she read

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