The Kind of Partner Your Zodiac Sign Really Needs ...

By Melly

Here’s the thing, finding love can sometimes be the most difficult thing in the world, as anyone who has experience of being in the dating pool will be able to tell you! Even if you have the best intentions and most open expectations, finding someone that you can really connect with on a deep level is never the easiest thing to do. It’s definitely a case of taking every hint and tip that you can get in order to be as successful in your search as possible! Here is the kind of partner you really need according to your zodiac sign.

Table of contents:

  1. aries
  2. taurus
  3. gemini
  4. cancer
  5. leo
  6. virgo
  7. libra
  8. scorpio
  9. sagittarius
  10. capricorn
  11. aquarius
  12. pisces

1 Aries

You need someone who is going to be willing to support you in all of your crazy dreams and ambitions. They might not always be realistic, but having someone who believes in you no matter what is vital.

2 Taurus

You need someone who isn’t going to want to battle and argue with you about every little thing. You know how some couples get off on operating in a world of constant light bickering? Yeah, you are the opposite of that!

3 Gemini

Verbal communication and connection is the most important thing for you, which means that above all else you need someone that you feel you can really talk to and open up to.

4 Cancer

You are a very giving person, so your ideal partner needs to be someone who has an equal amount of care for other people. If he is too selfish and only thinks about himself, he’s not the one for you.

5 Leo

You need someone who is happy to take the back seat and allow you to be the centre of attention. You steal the limelight naturally and without even meaning to, so it is important to have a partner who is willing to let that happen.

6 Virgo

You have a tendency to be rather introverted, so you need a partner who is able to bring you out of your shell and feel more connected not only to them but the rest of the outside world.

7 Libra

You like to keep things real, so you need a partner who isn’t going to run away when he sees that you aren’t a bright and bubbly person every second of the day. He needs to be able to understand that you don’t always want to be overexcited and perky.

8 Scorpio

You need someone who is isn’t ready to settle down straight away, because deep inside you still have a lot of living and partying to do as well.

9 Sagittarius

You are someone who needs a lot of support and reassurance from your loved ones all the time, so your ideal partner is a guy who is always going to be there for you when you need him the most.

10 Capricorn

You have a tendency to be a bit of a daydreamer, so you need a partner to balance this out, someone who has their head firmly screwed on and can take care of things when you are off in dream world!

11 Aquarius

You need a partner who is going to embrace all of your weird and wonderful quirks, rather than someone who will seek to iron out all those things and make you boring.

12 Pisces

You need someone who can accept that you are a little bit stubborn and selfish sometimes, someone who is mature enough to recognise that one little strop now and then doesn't completely define you as a person!

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