The Best Sex Tips for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

If there is one thing that I know about sex, it is that we are all absolutely terrible at it the first few times around! Sure, there is definitely a sort of natural instinct when it comes to the basics of being intimate with another person, but to hone your skills and perfect your craft, you need to learn from someone else, whether that be through a practical or through a lecture! Hey, I like you a lot, but let’s keep to the lecture side of things right now, okay!? Here is the best sex tip for you, according to your own zodiac sign!

1 Aries

You fare much better when you take the initiative. Let your strong personality come through and take your rightful place as the dominant one in the partnership!

2 Taurus

A Taurus should never skip on foreplay. You take a little more time get both comfortable and worked up, so going straight in doesn’t always produce the best pleasure for you.

3 Gemini

To go along with your twin sign nature, you get most pleasure out of taking turns to be dominant and submissive. It tickles all of your individual fancies; one minute being tied up, and the next minute doing the tying yourself!

4 Cancer

Indulge your aquatic nature by taking things into the water. This could be in the form of a bathtub, shower, hot tub, pool or even the ocean if you are feeling especially frisky!

5 Leo

You are nothing if not an exhibitionist! Something you definitely need to try out is making your own sex tape with a willing partner. Watching yourself back will be a real turn on.

6 Virgo

The more spiritually connected you feel to your partner, the better your experience is, so you would really benefit from looking in to the wonders of tantric sex.

7 Libra

Experimentation is your bag, anything that isn’t the ‘norm’. Try a threesome, that’s a good place to start with unconventional sexual practices!

8 Scorpio

As far as you are concerned, the more, the better, so don’t be afraid to bring a load of awesome sex toys with you into the bedroom. They aren’t just gadgets for solo play. They can really enhance a partner session too!

9 Sagittarius

Everything in your life needs to be luxurious, so treat yourself to a killer set of lingerie and you will be amazed by just how much it boosts your libido.

10 Capricorn

You live a rather stoic life in general, but the way that you need to release that energy is in the bedroom. If you have never tried doing it really rough (with a safe word of course), then you haven’t lived!

11 Aquarius

You crave anything that is going to really get your blood pumping, and when you are the kind of girl who has done it all in the bedroom, the only thing left to do is take it outside to a risky public place!

12 Pisces

You need to get in touch with the fact that external factors can really define a mood. Test out a sexy playlist and mood lighting rather than just jumping straight in to it like you usually do.

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