The Uber Important Differences βš–οΈ between Compatibility πŸ’‘ and Chemistry βš—οΈπŸ’ ...


Compatibility and chemistry. Two words used to define an unspeakable and unseen connection (or lack of) between two people. The two words are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing. I think it’s important to understand the difference. Agreed? Read on Stalkers.

1. They Have Different Shelf Lives

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The thing to remember is that while chemistry might be temporary and in the moment, ultimate compatibility will last forever.

Chemistry Can Be Harmful


@Whitttey Teen Wolf. Season 5. Actor is Dylan Sprayberry
For # 10, what movie or tv show is it and who is the actor?
Hah silly silly app now I can see it is you of course who wrote this lovely article Neecey :) I am glad you are well. Same here.
Neecey Beresford
Hi Samira, - glad you enjoyed it. I'm very well, TY for asking x
Thank you Eliza for another beautiful and inspirational post :) I hope you are good? Strange enough it said on the notification that it was written by Neecey hmm oh well :)
Lovely, thank you Neecey for another inspirational post about love (and everything else you write about) :) I hope you are good?
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