8 Things You Should Feel when You Fall in Love ...


8 Things You Should Feel when You Fall in Love ...
8 Things You Should Feel when You Fall in Love ...

Falling in love is almost completely out of your control. It's true--the heart wants what it wants. Those exciting butterflies in your stomach let you know that when you're falling for someone, it can only mean one thing. Here are the things you should feel when you fall in love.

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Time Goes by so Quick

If you have no sense of time and you could spend forever living in a moment, it's love. If you still live at home with your parents and have a curfew, you will most likely be late. A lot. If you're glued to your phone, you might not even bring your phone with you when you're together because you're that distracted. If only there was such thing as a pause and rewind button for life!


You Can Go Hours without Feeling Hungry

If you're the type of person that needs a little snack every couple of hours, you could go all day not feeling a bit hungry if you're feeling those excited nerves.


They're Always on Your Mind

If you wake up thinking about them and go to sleep with them on your mind, this is a huge sign you've caught the love bug. There isn't a single moment that you can think of where you're not thinking about them in some way.


There's No Such Thing as Awkward Silences

Sitting in silence and not feeling even just a little awkward is the most amazing thing. The silence and body language is just as powerful as communicating with words. If you're not feeling awkward in the silences, this is a major plus in your relationship.


You Want to Know Every Detail of Their Life

Hearing random stories about what their favorite television shows to watch as a kid, to their favorite song, to knowing their favorite dessert, you want to know it all.


You Have Their Ultimate Trust

They know anything and everything about your life, from your deepest secrets to your most vulnerable moments. You're not at all embarrassed because in them knowing your fears, your significant other can give you strength and courage to face your fears. They won't run away--they'll firmly stand by your side.


You Can List All the Ways You're Perfect for Each Other

This list goes on and on. The more you think about it, the longer the list becomes. You want to tell everyone why you two are beyond perfect.


Past Relationships Are in the past

You don't see the need to hold on to past loves and failed relationships. It's easy to see now that holding on to things in the past just hurts you. You see that it's closing a door for future relationships to grow, so put simply, you just let it go.

Love is so hard to describe that you honestly sometimes just know when you know. This feeling will knock you off your feet so fast it'll take your breath away. How did you know when you were in love? Comment below!

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I am in love when there's trust respect and butterflies in the stomach whenever we're together

This is absolutely correct! I love this post! In my past long term relationships, I would always be the last one to fall for the person and I would pretend until I eventually did. So not a good way to start a relationship! It never lasts. Now for the first time being with someone, yes their feelings advanced first but, I chose to not make the same mistakes and I took my time and allowed for my feelings to naturally get there. And when it did, I never saw it coming! And when I mean I am truly happy...I am truly happy! I am not sure what the future holds but, I have learned so many things that I appreciate now and will always!

@Mabelle, maybe you're right:)


I love falling in love,the feeling in your chest and stomach when you think about them,the lovesickness when you hear their voice and how much you love them cause they make you smile,it's the best thing ever 💖

Love is so powerful if u know the power of Love it's amazing

I agree ☝️

Whats described here is infatuation (which is temporary)

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