The Ultimate Guide to Your First Kiss ...


The Ultimate Guide to Your First Kiss ...
The Ultimate Guide to Your First Kiss ...

I’m sure that there will be some people reading this right now who have yet have their first kiss, and no matter what age you happen to be, that is absolutely fine! There is no deadline to when you should be achieving this first romantic milestone, in fact, sometimes the longer you wait, the better it will be because you will have had more time to educate and prepare yourself! Here is the ultimate guide to your first kiss.

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One thing that is really important is that you don’t force the situation too much. If it is meant to happen, then it is going to happen in a natural way that feels comfortable. If you pay too much attention to picking a perfect time and a perfect place and a perfect person even, then it means that if even one thing goes slightly off plan you will feel like everything is wrong.


Lip Prep

You want your lips to look and feel as kissable as possible, so make the most of a good sugar scrub before hand, along with an enticing looking lip gloss to keep them looking soft and tasting sweet!



You don’t want your first kiss to be the main show for a bunch of people looking on, so try to find some level of privacy so that you can enjoy yourself without having to deal with the feeling of being on show.



I can’t tell you how well mannered and helpful it is to pop a quick breath mint if you think a kiss might be on the cards. One little mint can hide a multitude of sins and make it feel nice and fresh on both ends!


Sit down

It’s actually always better if you can sit down for your first kiss, because the longer is goes on, the weaker your knees will get, and if you are already sat down, you don’t have to interrupt the flow to change positions!


Body Language

You don’t have to be full of chat when you go in for your first kiss; let your body do the talking instead. If you are too chatty, you could run the risk of losing the mood and killing the romantic atmosphere.



Don’t be shy when it comes to giving his neck some attention. Give it a kiss as well as his lips, and try out how he reacts when you breathe on it with your warm breath.


Be Led

If you are feeling shy or nervous, then let him take the lead when it comes to initiating a kiss. Make it clear in your body language that you want it to happen, and he will instinctively follow suit and take charge.



You’ve got hands, make sure that you use them! I’m talking about going to a new base, but it is less awkward if you can do things like hold his waist, run your hands through his hair etc. It's much sexier than just letting your arms hang at your sides.



It is important to keep your head nice and flexible when kissing, because doing so reduce the risk of things like knocking teeth and butting noses.



Make sure to pay attention to his body and head movements, and adjust your own movements in such a way that you are fitting together rather than clashing in terms of body language.



Find the right balance in pacing for the kiss. Start off slow because it’s always the safe option, and then experiment with different pressures and speeds to see what suits you are your kissing partner the most.

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