How to Ramp up Your Kissing Game by Avoiding These Mistakes ...


How to Ramp up Your Kissing Game by Avoiding These Mistakes ...
How to Ramp up Your Kissing Game by Avoiding These Mistakes ...

We would all like to think we are a good kisser. And I’m sure many of us have experienced a kiss we would rather forget. You can learn to be a good kisser and it's fun practicing. Just don't make these mistakes and become an expert in lip locking.

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Don’t Be Unconfident

Don’t Be Unconfident There is nothing worse than a tentative and unsure kisser. Be confident in your convictions and go for it!


When you lean in for a kiss, let go of hesitations. Trust in your desire and let your instinct guide your lips. A kiss laced with confidence can send shivers down anyone's spine. Remember, a little boldness can be electrifying. First, make sure your partner is equally interested, then synchronize your movements with theirs. It’s about creating harmony, not a contest. Ease into it, allowing the kiss to blossom naturally. True, you can't script passion, but you can definitely kindle it with your assured touch.


Don’t Wait Too Long

Don’t Wait Too Long If you wait too long to make a move, the moment may be lost and there will be a great deal of awkward tension in the air.


Don’t Be Aggressive

Don’t Be Aggressive Overconfidence can sometimes seem aggressive; don’t go in for the kill if you sense the other person isn’t in the mood!


Calm down with the Tongue!

Calm down with the Tongue! There is a fine line between a good tongue kiss and turning into a giraffe, so be mindful of what you are doing!


When engaging in a tongue kiss, moderation is key. Think of it as a dance where both partners need to move in sync – less is often more. Slipping the tongue in too aggressively can be overwhelming and, frankly, a turn-off. Focus instead on teasing and tender moments that invite a responsive connection. Remember, a kiss is supposed to be an exchange of affection, not a wrestling match. By keeping it subtle, you allow the passion to build naturally – creating a far more electrifying experience.


And Speaking of Tongues…

And Speaking of Tongues… Make sure you have some sort of rhythm going on. Don’t just swish around and around like a washing machine, that’s not sexy!


When it comes to tongues, less is often more. Gentle exploration beats aggressive overuse any day of the week. It's easy to get carried away, but remember to take cues from your partner. If they seem to pull back or are not responding enthusiastically to the Gene Simmons impersonation, it’s time to dial it back. A soft, teasing caress can be far more alluring than an all-out tongue assault. Think of it as a dance, where both of you are moving in sync, gradually building up to a crescendo that will leave you both breathless.


Kiss, Don’t Lick!

Kiss, Don’t Lick! Make sure you pucker just as much use your tongue, otherwise it will be of a face lick than a romantic kiss!


When it comes to tongue usage, it's all about moderation. Too much can be overwhelming and might leave your partner feeling more slobbered on than smooched. Remember, your tongue is not a probe; keep its movements gentle and teasing. Start slow and increase intensity only if your partner seems receptive. It's a delicate dance where both partners need to be in sync. Pay attention to their cues and respond in kind. A well-executed kiss with the right amount of tongue can be electrifying and deepen the connection between you and your partner.


Don’t Come on Too Strong

Don’t Come on Too Strong You have to learn to pick up on the other person’s signals, sense how they are feeling and act accordingly. Don’t just go straight in because that’s what you want to do.


Do Indicate Your Intentions

Do Indicate Your Intentions A little inclination of the head, or a romantic touch of the face - just give them some kind of warning that you are going to kiss them. Going in cold can end with awkward results!


No Kissing Selfies!

No Kissing Selfies! Kissing selfies are cringeworthy and completely ruin the moment. A kiss should be something shared privately between the two of you, not in still form for the whole of Facebook to see!


Don’t Be Shy

Don’t Be Shy Don’t be one of those people that always seem to get embarrassed after kissing. You’re not 13 anymore, you don’t have to go red and start giggling!


Embrace the moment and own your kisses with confidence. If the sparks are flying, don't dampen them with unnecessary shyness. Remember, a kiss is a form of communication, so send a clear message that you're into it. Hold your head high, maintain that lingering eye contact post-smooch, and let your smile show you enjoyed the moment. Your partner will likely find your confidence infectious, setting the stage for even more passionate encounters. Confidence is key, and in kissing, it can transform a simple peck into an unforgettable connection.


Slow down

Slow down There is nothing worse than a fast, over acting kisser, it can start to feel more like getting licked on the face by a dog than getting a smooch from your loved one!


Take your time and breathe into the kiss. Being too hasty can make your partner feel like they're part of a high-speed chase rather than an intimate moment. Gently explore the rhythm and pressure that you both enjoy. Remember: kissing is a dance that involves lead and follow. Pay attention to your partner's cues and respond in kind. This isn't a race; it's an opportunity to deepen your connection, so savor each second. Allow the anticipation to build — sometimes less is more and a slow build-up can make for an electrifying kiss.


Avoid Banging Heads

Avoid Banging Heads We can’t all be Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. Sometimes you can’t rush in without giving each other a black eye, so be careful!


Be Careful of Holding Too Hard

Be Careful of Holding Too Hard Hands in hair can be sexy, but try not to hold their head too hard. It might start to feel like they are trapped in a human vice!


Watch out for Suction!

Watch out for Suction! Don’t turn your mouth in to a vacuum cleaner while tongue kissing. It’s a weird sensation for the other person and not enjoyable at all!


Don’t Think about Someone else

Don’t Think about Someone else Be present in the moment and don’t picture somebody else as you are kissing a person, it detaches you from the moment and the person you are kissing will be able to feel it.


Don’t Be Self Conscious

Don’t Be Self Conscious If kissing in public, don’t worry too much about what those around you are thinking. If you are lucky enough to have somebody worth kissing, you should be proud to kiss them wherever!


Stay Away from the Teeth

Stay Away from the Teeth Don’t start examining each and every tooth in their mouth with your tongue. It feels super weird and they will start to feel as though they are the dentist instead of kissing the person that they like!


Not Having Fresh Breath

Not Having Fresh Breath No one wants to kiss someone with spinach in their teeth or has a tongue that tastes of fried onions. If you’re going to snog, have fresh breath.


Avoid Dribbling

Avoid Dribbling Some people are very sloppy kissers. It's more like kissing a bassett hound than a human. Learn to control your saliva.


Don't Be in an Awkward Position

Don't Be in an Awkward Position Over reaching, overstretching, and awkward angles should be avoided when you're not a confident kisser.


When a Kiss is Not a Kiss; It's a Peck

When a Kiss is Not a Kiss; It's a Peck Pecks have their place but make sure it isn't a replacement for a real kiss. If a kiss is called for, kiss, don't peck.

Did you practice kissing before your first real kiss? Time to fess up if you practiced on your hand or teddy bear!

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This was very interesting. Who knew you could make such a cock up of kissing. 

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