9 Things Happily Married Women Know about Men That You Need to Know Too ...


You might be wondering, what are the things happily married women know about men that makes them so successful in their marriages? What secret weapons do they use? After I did my research, I found out that there are in fact a few interesting secrets or, better said, things happily married women know about men, things you should know too in order to one day have the marriage you always dreamed of.

1. You’re Marrying His Entire Family

While most single women tend to focus only on their partner or on their partner’s needs, married women know that, if they want their marriage to always be as happy as it was in the beginning, they must be aware of the fact that once they married their husband, they married his entire family too. This is one of the things happily married women know about men and I do believe that you should know it too. If you want to win the love of a man, you should first gain the respect and appreciation of his family.

Your Husband Can’t Satisfy All Your Needs


Leone Lobos
I\'m not even married and I can relate to all these stuff!
Most important: you must Respect him. \"Respect\" to men, is the same as \"Love\" to women.
This is really on point!
That\'s true....
Joulee Sahempajohn
So true 👻👻
It is so right!!! I was saying yes yes and yes for everything I read, and @cara is right about the culture. That's what I think
@Cara, Yes, you're absolutely right! Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts! :)
@Meghan, Well, never say never :) Thanks for reading! :)
I'll never marry so I don't even know why I read this....
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