7 Sensational Things Real Men Are Never Afraid to do 💌 😍 ...


What makes a guy a "real man" that you can trust and rely on? It's not the size of his muscles or the look of his face. It's not how much knowledge he has about sports or how many women he's slept with. It's the way that he treats you and the way he treats himself. Here are a few things that a "real man" isn't afraid to do:

1. Say “I Love You” in Public

Yes, some men are shy. Yes, some men don't like to engage in PDA. However, your man shouldn't be ashamed of saying he loves you in public. He should be proud of having a woman like you by his side. If your boyfriend tries to hide your relationship from his friends and family, then he isn't serious about you. If he was, then he'd be happy to let everyone know that you're a happy couple.

Do Feminine Activities


My man has all these qualities so I'm a lucky girl then ;)
Well said!
peony blue
Just let men be men and women be women
@Michelle Louise. No way! I love that!
Michelle Louise
Mine carries a handbag ! Is that going too far ?!?
awww, my fiancee is all these except the stay at home dad, he likes his man hood.
You are 100% right! Men shouldn't be afraid to cry or to do some housekeeping, but infortunatly, i have not met anyone that feels confortable doing this and confident enough! If i came to find someone like that, he would be my soulmate !!
Let men cry! It's beautiful seeing them cry.
My man has all these qualities, he truly is amazing!
Men are human as well sometimes we forget about the expectations we put out for men. Just like for women there are so many expectations, but we are all human let's forget about what men should or shou...
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