7 Things That Will Happen to You after a Breakup ...


7 Things That Will Happen to You after a Breakup ...
7 Things That Will Happen to You after a Breakup ...

There are some positive things that will happen to you after a breakup even though you may not realize it until you are over him.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck on the wrong guy. He either doesn't like us or he wants something completely different. I've been there and it hurts. If you give in, it becomes this vicious cycle, where you feel like you are temporarily in a relationship, until the pheromones dissipate and he leaves you stranded with no text.

If a guy is upfront about not wanting anything serious, sticking around and waiting along, will not magically change his mind. Quite the contrary.

Wanna know a secret? He already knows that you are smart, that you are great and that you are amazing. But do you know it? You've got nothing to prove. The best thing you can do is leave, why? Why not? Here are 7 things that will happen to you after a breakup and you get over him.

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You Will Feel Better about Yourself

In the beginning it might hurt. You might wonder if you are making the right choice. What if you stick around just a little longer? What if he changes? One of the best ways to get over a breakup is to focus on how great you feel being away from a man who wasn't good for you. If anything, leaving him will prompt him to make a decision. If he chooses to be with you, let him do so all the way and act on his decisions. You will deal with it when the time comes, if you haven't already moved on by then.


You Will Meet Someone Special

The worst thing that has ever happened to me was to be on a great date with a great guy and have another guy hit me up with a “hey”, just when I was starting to really like my date. Girls, we should seriously stop falling for this. There are so many great guys out there and they deserve a chance. He will not magically change overnight, especially if he has nothing to say.


You Will Be More Likeable

That's because you will stop wanting to change for that one person, who makes you feel like you are inadequate. Eventually, you will relax and find new people gravitating toward you, people who actually love your quirks and will want you to be part of their life. Cherish them.


You Will Be Healthier

Worries are a bummer health-wise. No more sad faces. Imagine getting up in the morning and humming to Nina Simone's "Feeling Good." Imagine wearing beautiful clothes and having your appetite back. Imagine going out with old friends and making new friends. Imagine all the fun that's just waiting for you.


You Will Have More Time

You will finally be more present in the moment. You will gain clarity and you will be able to invest your time into more rewarding stuff.


You Will Be Independent

No more thinking what he might be doing, who he might be with, if she is better looking than you or what he really meant when he hit you up with a “hey." By distancing yourself from the situation, you will be able to shape your life how you want it to be, without him being crucial for anything.


You Will Grow from It

Heartbreaks do hurt, but if you allow the wound to heal, you will see that they leave you with more space inside. When we learn from our breakups, we become wiser and we might decide to radically change our life. Maybe you will find new hobbies, will move to a cool neighbouhood, upgrade your wardrobe or get a different job. Whatever you do, you'll keep exploring until you stumble upon a brand new you. Remember that if he ever comes back, you can choose not to choose him.

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