4 Things to Consider before You Friend Zone Him Too Soon ...

By Sici

4 Things to Consider  before You Friend Zone Him Too Soon  ...

There are some things to consider before you friend zone him. Breaking up with somebody is a really hard thing to do. If you have had your fair share of breakups in your romantic life, then there is a risk that you start to emotionally cut yourself off from the prospect of romance simply, so that you don’t have to go through yet another period of hurt and heartbreak at the end of things. Whenever you make a new friend where there is the potential for something more in the future, if you are in an emotionally guarded state like we have already described, it can be very tempting and very easy to completely wrap yourself up in protection and place the person firmly in the friend zone.

There’s nothing wrong with friend zoning when you really mean it, but sometimes we only friend zone because we aren’t ready for anything else at the particular time. Before you ruin the chances of a potentially great new connection, there are 4 things to consider before you friend zone him.

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Crumbling of the Friendship Foundation

One of the most important things to consider before you friend zone him is the potential to ruin what you already have. Sometimes, when a guy gets put in the friend zone, it can really disintegrate the other elements of the friendship that you had been enjoying up to that point. It’s important to assess whether he is even trying to hint at taking things to another level, or whether it’s more in your head. Once you have given the ‘just friends’ speech, it can be hard to reverse it if circumstances change, so make sure that you are absolutely certain before potentially altering the basis of your friendship.


Dynamic Change

No matter how easily you let him down or how subtly you achieve your goal, once you friend zone a person, the dynamic will be changed forever. Are you ready for the interactions between the two of you to be distinctly different? Because once you have put him in the friend zone, he won’t be able to help acting differently around you. It might not be worth fully putting the friend zone lock on him if his attention towards you isn’t something that you have a huge problem with.


No off Switch

The problem with romantic feelings is that there isn’t a real off switch, so sometimes it doesn’t matter whether you have friend zoned or not! You might have put someone in the friend zone because you don’t want to risk ruining your relationship with them, but the heart wants what it wants, and if you start to develop romantic feelings for the person, then a friend zone isn’t going to make any difference in the matter!



Before you banish somebody to the friend zone forever, take a second to consider how you might feel if you start to see the person showing interest in somebody else. Does that thought make you feel jealous at all? If so, then you clearly have more feelings that you think you do, and you might want to reassess your own decisions!

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