7 Things to do with His Stuff after the Break up ...


Finding things to do with his stuff after a breakup is hard. Just looking at his stuff after a breakup can be hurtful right? It probably brings back a ton of memories right? Breaking up is hard enough without having to deal with his stuff after a breakup. So ladies, I've got the top 7 things that you can actually do with his stuff after you two break up. It doesn't always have to be burned!

1. Offer to Give It Back

First and foremost, you have to respect the fact that he might want it back. Truthfully, this should always be the first option. Wouldn't you want your stuff after a breakup back? Wouldn't you want your things treated with respect? Do the same with him.

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Ditto! It's my fav. :) Thanks for stopping by!
Alyssa Spark
I like the 'Burn It' one. I do that with my ex's stuff all the time!
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