8 Things Guys Tell Their Friends about You ...


8 Things Guys Tell Their Friends about You ...
8 Things Guys Tell Their Friends about You ...

Although men and women aren't all that different, it's hard not to wonder what kind of things guys tell their friends. Do they gossip like we do? Do they mention how amazing you are or are their conversations limited to less mushy affairs? Well, there's no need to wonder, because here are some of the most common things guys tell their friends:

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Nothing at All

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Don't be afraid if he doesn't talk about you with his friends. He most likely likes to keep his private life a little more private. These types of guys can also be sweeter and more thoughtful. That is because when they are planning something for you they are actually thinking about how THEY feel about you and not how their FRIENDS feel about you.

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Sometimes, his silence can be the loudest affirmation of his feelings towards you. Trust in your connection and know that his actions speak volumes more than words ever could. If he's nurturing your relationship with care and respect, away from the public eye, it means he values what you have deeply. A quiet love can be powerfully intimate, as it thrives on the bond you create just between the two of you, unswayed by the world outside. Remember, a relationship is about the ‘us’, not the chorus of opinions that surrounds it.


What He Sees

Men are visual creatures, so they're going to brag to their friends about how pretty you are. There's a competitive nature to everyone, so he's going to act like you're the greatest girl on earth (and in his mind, you are). One of the first things guys tell their friends about you once they start dating you or develop a crush on you is how gorgeous you are.


When it comes to relationships, men can be quite competitive. They want to make sure that their friends know that they have found a beautiful woman. This is why men will brag about the physical attributes of their partner to their friends.

Men are visual creatures, so they will focus on the physical beauty of their partner. They will often tell their friends about how beautiful their partner is, and will often compare her to other women in a positive light.

Men are also likely to tell their friends about the personality traits of their partner. They might talk about how she is funny, smart, or kind. They might also talk about how she is supportive and understanding.

Men will also tell their friends about the things that their partner does for them. They might talk about how she cooks for them or how she helps them out when they are in a tight spot.

Men will also talk about how their partner is a great listener. They might tell their friends about how their partner is always willing to listen to their problems and offer advice.

Frequently asked questions

Guys might share how they feel about a girl's personality, her looks, the connection they share, funny or memorable moments they had with her, and sometimes they might also talk about their future plans or whether they see a potential relationship.

Yes, it's quite common. Many guys feel comfortable discussing their dating life with their friends and often seek advice or simply want to share their experiences.

Guys might talk about girls with their friends for a few reasons: to get advice, to brag a little, to process their feelings, or just because talking about romantic interests is a typical topic among friends.

No, while some guys might focus on looks, many also discuss other qualities like a girl's sense of humor, intelligence, interests, and the way they make them feel.

Not necessarily. It's natural for people to discuss their relationships with close friends. However, if you're concerned about privacy, it's important to communicate your boundaries with your boyfriend.


What He's Done

Some men keep their private life private. But others tell their friends that they've kissed you or made-out with you. They won't share every detail of what happened, but they might share some juicy tidbits, so don't be surprised when his friends give you a knowing smile.


When it comes to relationships, men and women often think differently. While women might share all the details of their romantic encounters with their closest friends, men tend to be more guarded and selective about what they choose to share.

When a guy tells his friends that he's kissed you or made-out with you, it's usually because he's proud of what he's done and wants to show off a bit. He might not share every intimate detail, but he'll likely tell them enough to make them smile and give you a knowing look.

It's important to remember that when a guy shares information about his romantic life with his friends, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's bragging or trying to show off. It could simply be that he's trying to get advice or validation from his friends, or it could be that he's just trying to get a better understanding of himself and his feelings.

When it comes to relationships, it's important to remember that communication is key. If you're ever unsure about what your partner is telling his friends, it's always a good idea to talk to him and ask him directly. That way, you can both be on the same page and have an honest and open conversation about your relationship.


What He Wants to do

If you haven't kissed him yet, but he wants to kiss you, then his friends will know it. Men like to talk about 'chicks,' so his activities are sure to come up in conversation.


In addition, men often confide in their friends about their romantic interests and intentions. They may share details about their feelings for you, their plans to ask you out, and even their hopes for a future with you. This is a way for them to seek validation and advice from their friends, and also to brag about their conquests. So, if his friends seem to know a lot about you and your interactions with him, it's a good sign that he is interested in pursuing a relationship with you. Keep an eye out for any subtle hints or comments from his friends that may reveal his true feelings for you.


What He Doesn't Understand

Guys get confused by girls as often as girls get confused by guys. When he's unsure of what you're angry about, or trying to figure out how to fix a situation, then he's going to ask his friends for a solution.


It's like they've stumbled into a maze with no obvious exit. Men can feel lost when it comes to the intricacies of a woman's emotions. They don't get why a "fine" may not actually mean everything is fine or how one forgotten date can cause such a commotion. So, they turn to their buddies, hoping for some insight or a similar experience they can draw from. Sometimes their advice hits the nail on the head; other times, it's like the blind leading the blind. But don't mistake his confusion for indifference; your man is trying to decode the puzzle, one piece at a time.


What He's Annoyed by

If he's aggravated by your snoring or credit card debt, he needs to let out his frustration somewhere. Friends are the people you're supposed to trust with information, so they're the ones he'll go to to complain. Don't worry, because the good things he says about you should balance out the bad. If they don't, then the relationship wasn't meant to last.


It's inevitable that frustrations will bubble up, and when they do, he spills the beans to his buddies. Maybe it's the little quirks like how you always forget where you put your keys or the bigger issues like how you two communicate. It’s normal for him to vent – after all, nobody's perfect, and bottling up emotions is like shaking a soda can – eventually, it'll burst. Plus, getting it off his chest can be a form of problem-solving. The upside? Once he’s let off steam, he's generally all set to tackle these annoyances together with a clearer head.


How He Landed You

If you're in a relationship, and your boyfriend is proud of you, he's going to love telling the story about how you met. He'll want to explain how he asked you out (or how you asked him out), and how he managed to get a girl as amazing as you to be his girlfriend. If you're lucky, then you'll get to hear him tell the story. It's always interesting to see how other people describe you, and what details they think are important enough to add to the story of your relationship.


He'll often highlight the spark that he felt and the butterflies in his stomach as he crafted the perfect message or planned that memorable first date. The pride in his voice is unmistakable when he recalls the effort he put into winning you over, whether it was through grand gestures or small, thoughtful details that showed you he cared. His friends will undoubtedly get a play-by-play of that nerve-wracking first kiss or the moment he realized you felt the same way about him, making his storytelling not just a recount but a cherished memory he loves to relive.


What He Loves

When you're in a relationship, it's hard not to think about the other person, even when they're not around. When you're on your partner's mind, he's going to talk about you. He won't randomly list off things that he loves about you like in a romance film, but he'll tell his friends a funny story here and there, and talk about the little things you do that he loves.

Every guy is different, but most will talk to their friends about the things that really matter. If you're important to him, then your name is definitely going to pop up in conversation. Do you have a man in your life that brags about you?

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if this was written by a man even then it would have been difficult yo believe.

I would like to keep a tape recorder in a guys den and find out ..seems like the most probable way of uncovering one of the top universal mysteries

i highly doubt guys talk about this with their friends... not a chance!

hard to believe that a GUY would talk to their friends about this stuff...

seems more like what women would be telling their friends

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