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8 Things Guys Tell Their Friends about You ...

By Holly

Although men and women aren't all that different, it's hard not to wonder what kind of things guys tell their friends. Do they gossip like we do? Do they mention how amazing you are or are their conversations limited to less mushy affairs? Well, there's no need to wonder, because here are some of the most common things guys tell their friends:

1 Nothing at All

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Don't be afraid if he doesn't talk about you with his friends. He most likely likes to keep his private life a little more private. These types of guys can also be sweeter and more thoughtful. That is because when they are planning something for you they are actually thinking about how THEY feel about you and not how their FRIENDS feel about you.

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2 What He Sees

Men are visual creatures, so they're going to brag to their friends about how pretty you are. There's a competitive nature to everyone, so he's going to act like you're the greatest girl on earth (and in his mind, you are). One of the first things guys tell their friends about you once they start dating you or develop a crush on you is how gorgeous you are.

3 What He's Done

Some men keep their private life private. But others tell their friends that they've kissed you or made-out with you. They won't share every detail of what happened, but they might share some juicy tidbits, so don't be surprised when his friends give you a knowing smile.

4 What He Wants to do

If you haven't kissed him yet, but he wants to kiss you, then his friends will know it. Men like to talk about 'chicks,' so his activities are sure to come up in conversation.

5 What He Doesn't Understand

Guys get confused by girls as often as girls get confused by guys. When he's unsure of what you're angry about, or trying to figure out how to fix a situation, then he's going to ask his friends for a solution.

6 What He's Annoyed by

If he's aggravated by your snoring or credit card debt, he needs to let out his frustration somewhere. Friends are the people you're supposed to trust with information, so they're the ones he'll go to to complain. Don't worry, because the good things he says about you should balance out the bad. If they don't, then the relationship wasn't meant to last.

7 How He Landed You

If you're in a relationship, and your boyfriend is proud of you, he's going to love telling the story about how you met. He'll want to explain how he asked you out (or how you asked him out), and how he managed to get a girl as amazing as you to be his girlfriend. If you're lucky, then you'll get to hear him tell the story. It's always interesting to see how other people describe you, and what details they think are important enough to add to the story of your relationship.

8 What He Loves

When you're in a relationship, it's hard not to think about the other person, even when they're not around. When you're on your partner's mind, he's going to talk about you. He won't randomly list off things that he loves about you like in a romance film, but he'll tell his friends a funny story here and there, and talk about the little things you do that he loves.

Every guy is different, but most will talk to their friends about the things that really matter. If you're important to him, then your name is definitely going to pop up in conversation. Do you have a man in your life that brags about you?

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