This πŸ™Œ is the Kind of Guy πŸ§” You Need πŸ’― to Give up πŸ’” on ...


Is your man a keeper or is he the kind of guy you just need to give up on and kick to the curb? For some people, it is in their nature to hold on to relationships and partners that are clearly not good for them. Whether you are blinded by love or by a fear of singledom or anything in between, it can sometimes take the outside opinion and action of a friend or family member to help you see that the guy you are currently dating is absolutely no good for you. I get it, it can be difficult to let you go, especially if you have feelings against your better judgment, but trust me when I say that there are plenty of better, more deserving fish in the sea! Here are some indicators of the kind of guy to give up on.

1. Unresponsive

You need to give up on a guy if he makes a habit of taking hours and hours to answer you back after any kind of message is sent. It’s 2018, we all have our phones with us at all times, there is absolutely no reason that he isn’t replying other than he is deliberately trying to play games with you. You don’t need that kind of juvenile behaviour in your life.

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