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7 Tips on Keeping Your Relationship Strong While Coping with Your Partner's Chronic Illness ...

By Merarri

Speaking from experience, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when coping with your partner’s chronic illness. A serious health issue can negatively impact many things in a relationship and can even put it in jeopardy. If you want to keep your relationship strong while coping with your partner’s chronic illness, I’m going to reveal a few great tips below.

1 Be Flexible about Communication

One of the best things you can do when coping with your partner’s chronic illness is to understand he may not always be able to communicate daily. There may be days where he is too medicated to call or text you like usual. He may need to sleep the medications off a bit before talking to you. Don’t freak out if you don’t hear from him for a day or two.

2 See the Illness through His Eyes

Try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes for a day. Consider all the ways the illness would impact your life. Think about the side effects of the medications he is on and how they would affect you. Think about how hard it would be for you to do daily tasks if you were the one that was ill. By seeing the illness through his perspective, you gain patience and understanding for everything he has to go through because of his illness.


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3 Talk about the Illness

While it may be tempting to ignore the illness your partner is facing, it won’t do the relationship any favors. Don’t be afraid to discuss the illness because it can become the elephant in the room that can create distance in a relationship. Speak up about the ways the illness is affecting you and your relationship needs. Try to work it out and come to a compromise so you maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

4 Make Adjustments

If your partner has a serious illness, its necessary to make adjustments. You may have to be flexible and pick up the slack on housework when he is too ill to do his share. You may have to adjust to making separate meals if he has special dietary needs. You might also have to adjust to different sleeping schedules if his illness wreaks havoc on his sleeping patterns.

5 Take Advantage of Good Days

Unfortunately there will be times when the illness prevents your partner from doing fun things with you. But when he is having a good day, take advantage of it. Cram as much enjoyment as you possibly can when your partner feels well enough to do something together. Even if its as simple as having a picnic in the park or watching the sunset, take time to enjoy special moments with each other.

6 Show Him You Love Him

A chronic health issue can make a person feel like they are a burden to their significant other. Do special things for him to show that you love and care for him even though he has to deal with a chronic illness. It will mean so much to him that you think of him as a loving and caring partner rather than a sick patient that burdens you. By showing him that you love him, it reassures him that you won’t let the illness get in the way of your relationship.

7 Be Creative when Money is Tight

Sometimes a chronically ill patient has to deal with expensive medications, physician visits, medical procedures or medical equipment. All of these factors can cause financial headaches. Worst of all is that a chronically ill person may not be able to work in order to improve his financial situation. You may need to be creative when it comes to date nights like instead of expensive restaurants, opt for a day at the beach.

All of these tips will help show your partner that you love him unconditionally regardless of his illness. Ladies if you have dated someone with a serious illness, do you have other tips you can share?

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