7 Ways to Flirt and Attract the Attention of That Special Someone ...


7 Ways to Flirt and Attract the Attention of That Special Someone ...
7 Ways to Flirt and Attract the Attention of That Special Someone ...

There are many ways to flirt and attract the attention of that special someone and whilst you may not be the most confident of people, you don't have to be an expert to catch the eye of that person you've been admiring from afar. On the flip side however, you also don't want to be Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S and get yourself into an awkward seduction scenario! Flirting is all about confidence. Have you ever noticed how sometimes, the most attractive people are the most confident ones, even if they don't look like Brad Pitt (or anyone else you find extremely attractive.) As the party season approaches, and people start to get their flirt on, here are some ways to flirt to help you attract the attention of that special someone.

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Smiling is very attractive and sometimes something as simple as a smile can really attract the attention of that special someone. If there's someone you like and you're not feeling confident enough to talk to them yet, a smile will speak volumes. You never know, that special someone just might end up coming to speak to you as a result of seeing your beautiful smile! This is one of the best ways to flirt.



Paying them a compliment can be a great way of showing someone you're interested in them. Obviously don't go overboard and say they have the body of a Greek God whilst clutching their bulging biceps and calling all your friends over for a feel...I've never done that before... honestly. But seriously, be sincere and subtle with your compliments by perhaps commenting on what they're wearing or their smile. But be careful not to sound too cheesy.


Body Talk

I love learning about body language and what it says about people's real feelings. So much research has been done on body language and much can be learnt from simply watching what others are doing and being careful about what you do too. For example, keep your body language open and avoid folding your arms. Don't frown or scowl and avoid looking like you would rather be anywhere else than there. Don't look downwards, instead hold your head up (not too high) as it shows confidence. Gently touching the other person is a flirt's secret weapon and lightly touching their hand or arm is a subtle signal you're interested. But don't do the bulging biceps thing, which I've NEVER done...



If you're interested in someone then ask some open questions to get the conversation going. Show you're genuinely interested by looking at them, but don't gaze too much as it may make them feel slightly uncomfortable and think that they have mayonnaise on their face from their sandwich at lunch. If you're not sure what to talk about, ask open questions about work, family or films. Stay away from politics and religion though - they're quite heavy topics for flirting with!


Watch for the Signs

Watch for the signals they may be giving off. As subtle as they may be, this person might be flirting right back at you. Are they equally as interested in you and want to keep the conversation going? Is their body language mirroring yours? Equally, if you sense that they may be toying with you and making snide remarks, then make your excuses and find someone else to speak to. Be careful not to spill your drink on them as you do so! Whoops!


Practise Makes Perfect

Practise flirting with your friends or when you're out and about. It's all about confidence and confident people are people magnets - not just romantically speaking but friendship wise too.


Open up

Talking about yourself can give the other person reasons to like you. Engage them with your witty sense of humour and intrigue them with your secrets (even if you don't really have any) to make them want to know more about you. But don't go on and on about yourself. Try to get the balance right.

Sometimes it can take a while to woo the one you like but flirting is so much fun, so enjoy it! And you don't have to have the confidence of a motivational speaker to be a successful flirt. What fabulous flirting tips would you give to the novice flirt?

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Come on guys! Love the articles, hate the editing. Practice not practise

What is the \"bulging biceps\" thing? Cool article

So, I like this guy in that\'s in band with me (high school). He\'s really sweet, nice, and considerate. I\'ve liked him for over a year... and the first 6 months were awkward. My friends tried to help and it really didn\'t help :/. But over the summer, we became friends. We talked and stuff and we were cool. We got along and that was great. But lately, he\'s started talking to me less and less. I feel like he might have been looking at me sometimes, and when we make eye contact, he drops it after like 2 seconds now. It was way different when we were all friendly this summer. I mean, sometimes he won\'t acknowledge me at all, and sometimes we can talk about random stuff and it comes so naturally. (Let me just mention he hasn\'t really shown interest in dating before... I do know he\'s straight, because I\'m good friends with some of his really good friends.) I just don\'t know what to do. I\'ve tried to stop liking him (like 6 times) and it never works. Is there anything I can do that will get him to either change his mind about dating, or from what I said, how do you think he feels about me? I really need help! :)

I just learned something about the UK :) thanks to these comments !

I love it

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