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7 Tips to Overcome Nervousness before a Date ...

By Holly

Going out with your crush can be quite stressful, so it’s useful to have some tips to overcome nervousness. You don’t want your anxiety to ruin your fun night out. You want to enjoy the date as much as you can, and look forward to future ones. In case you’re worried, here are a few tips to overcome nervousness before a date.

1 He Already Likes You

One of the most helpful tips to overcome nervousness is to remember that he either asked or agreed to go on your date! If he’s willing to spend his free time with you, he must like you. He wouldn’t hang out with you if he didn’t want to do so. So stop worrying that he’s not into you. He wants to be there just as much as you do.

2 Plan Ahead

If you’re worried about long silences, think up some topics of conversation ahead of time. Make a mental list of your best stories and favorite things to talk about. If you’re right for one another, the conversation will flow naturally. However, if you want to reduce your nerves, it’s good to have a backup plan. It’ll calm you down, and stop you from worrying that you’ll run out of things to talk about.

3 The Moment

Live in the moment. If you’re worried about the future, it’s difficult to enjoy the present. If he holds your hand, don’t worry about whether or not he’ll kiss you later. Just enjoy the hand holding while it lasts. Wait to worry about the kiss until he moves in for your lips.

4 Everybody Makes Mistakes

Worried that you’ll spill your drink or get sauce on your shirt? Accidents are going to happen, even in front of your date. When you’re with the right person, these mistakes are easily laughed off. If he judges you for something so small, you don’t want to be with him. You need to find someone who adores you, even after witnessing your embarrassing moments.

5 Make or Break

Give yourself enough time before a date to prepare. If you’re rushing around to get dressed, you’re going to feel more stressed than you should. Appearances aren’t everything, but looking good can help you feel good. Wear an outfit that makes you feel wonderful about yourself. It’s amazing how much a cute outfit can boost your confidence.

6 Make Music

Music can change anyone’s attitude. Before a date, turn up your favorite song. Dance around to it, sing to it, and have a great time. Listen to upbeat tunes, or something that’ll get you excited for the rest of the night. Stay away from depressing lyrics that will make your nerves grow worse.

7 Relaxation Techniques

Before a date, it’s tempting to consider all of the possibilities the night holds. Will he kiss you? Will there be a second date? If your thoughts makes you nervous, try to put your mind elsewhere. Until it’s time to leave, pick up a book and get lost in the story. Focus on anything you can that takes away your anxiety.

Dates are meant to be enjoyed, so don’t let your mind mess with you. Do you have a big date coming up soon? Do you usually get nervous before going out with a guy?

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