8 Tips to Get over Your First Love ...


Your first love is the hardest to get over, but there are tips to get over your first love that do really work, if you use them. There are many times when you never, truly get over your first experiences with love and romance, but these tips to get over your first love can help ease the pain. It's going to be hard, but it is so worth getting over and so worth moving on.

1. Don't Keep Reminiscing

There are tons of times that you are going to dwell on the past, times that you are going to go back into your memories and draw from them, but don't do it right away. Try not to think about the past, try not to dwell on your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. This is one of the many tips to get over your first love that can save you a lot of heartache and pain.

Give Yourself Time to Grieve


I've been dating some for almost 2 years now. our anniversary would be November 24. we called it off for good yesterday. i really dont know how to deal with this because i loved him so much. he was m...
I love a guy that I've been involved with since October. He's lovely and makes me fall in love with him more when I see him and he knows that but he just doesn't want a relationship even though he sai...
Totally helped:))
@Soomin Kim wow thank you so much for that post your quote has been stuck in my mind and is really helping me get through it!!!
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm glad that it all ended well in the end, but that's hard to go through.
My ex and I broke up in October of last year. It was a 3 and a half year relationship that ended badly. There were hard feelings and a lot of words that went unsaid. I have a lot of anger toward him ...
Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Sara -- I'm so sorry! Relationships and breakups are all different, especially when it's your first love. It's hard to believe right now, but it WILL get better. Spring will come and you'll star...
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