Top 7 Best Types of Sex ...


Sex is natural and it is something we do when we love someone. It should not be something we just do with anyone – at least, that is how it is in my book. I am not here to give you sex talk and tell you who you should do it with though. I am here to give you the top 7 best types of sex, so continue reading my blog posting and see what I have included for you …

7. Make-up Sex

You know about make-up sex, I am sure. This happens after a heated argument and the two of you make-up with one another. Some will tell you that this is the best type of sex and it gets rid of whatever the heck you were angry at in the first place.

Surprise Sex


I really really love having sex
Its not like that in key board
Heather Jensen
Ha! It totally is. :)
Nirmal Saqib
Make up sex is the best ;)
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