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Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Scorpio Man ...

By Melly

When it comes to enjoying a full, lively and healthy sex life, it’s all about making each other as happy and as satisfied as possible on a regular basis. Whether you are having sex once a week or once a day, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be giving it your all with every session! Of course, it always helps when you can have customised advice that is tailored precisely to the person that you are sleeping with. Here are the 10 top tips for the best sex with a Scorpio man.

1 Adventurous

It’s really important that you aren’t afraid to be adventurous with a Scorpio in your bed! He gets off on trying lots of new things, and the thought of just going through the motions with some mundane missionary is his idea of nightmare!

2 Emotions

Make sure to show your emotions during your lovemaking with a Scorpio. He loves nothing more than to feel like he is really giving you a good time, and he can’t get that feeling if you are aren’t giving any indications.

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3 Eye Contact

Eye contact is a big thing for a Scorpio. He needs an emotional connection as well as a physical one, and when it comes to having a good time, he needs to see it as much in your eyes as he can in other parts of your body.

4 Assertive

Scorpios love to be challenged in fun ways, so don’t be scared to be assertive with him in bed and be a little more dominant than you might usually be in your professional life. He will enjoy the power struggle!

5 Hard to Get

Scorpio guys love the thrill of the chase, so make sure to play a little hard to get along the way. He won’t be as turned on if he feels he can just get what he wants at the first try. Have a little resistance and elusiveness and it will drive him crazy, in a good way!

6 New Realms

Be willing to venture into new realms of sex and sexuality with an adventurous Scorpio. He is full of ideas about things to try together, so listen to what he has to say and come to a compromise about some of the ideas that you wouldn’t mind trying yourself.

7 Mysterious

Try to maintain an air of mystery about yourself when in bed. A Scorpio male is much more allured by a woman who might be hiding a little something back than a woman who lays it all there for him to see straight away.

8 Comfort Zone

Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and try things that you have never tried before. He is really good at making you feel safe and secure, so pushing your own personal boundaries with a Scorpio is something that you won’t mind doing.

9 Games

Be open to playing a lot of fun and thrilling sex games. He gets bored quickly so putting sexy rules into place is a great way to keep him interested and simulated.

10 Unique

Be as unique as you possibly can; don’t just follow the generic tips and tricks that you see everywhere. Pay attention to what he personally likes rather than what you think ‘guys in general’ tend to like.

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