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Okay, okay, I know β€œTinder” and β€œsoulmate” don't really belong together, but these are openers that will work on any dating app or site. Hell, they'll even work in person. Because I am happily married, though, I had to rope a friend into helping me try out openers, and she uses Tinder, so there you go. We had a lot of luck with these. Home skillet even has a date.

1. Do You Play Quidditch? Because You Look like a Keeper

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Even if he's not a Harry Potter fan, he'll probably get the reference. If he doesn't get the reference, you can make your choice based on that. If he doesn't like Harry Potter, then … I mean, do you really want to date him anyway? The point is, this one is cute – but, in the interest of full disclosure, there's a small chance that this could possibly somehow lead to a dick pic.

This is My Opening Line: ------


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