How-to Guide to Get Your Man to Move in with You for Girls Ready to Take the Next Step ...


How-to Guide to Get Your Man to Move in with You for Girls Ready to Take the Next Step ...
How-to Guide to Get Your Man to Move in with You for Girls Ready to Take the Next Step ...

So, you've been together for months. You're in love, inseparable, and it just seems natural to take things to the next level and live together. Here's how to make your boyfriend want to move in with these simple and effective steps.

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Have Him Leave Some Belongings at Your Place

Since he's already there, he might as well keep some necessities in a drawer or shelf that's all his. You could even buy some things, like a toothbrush, towel, deodorant, razors, mouthwash, shampoo and conditioner to make him feel extra welcome. He will no longer feel like a guest.


Give Him a Key

Find a reason to slip him a key to your place, which can be when you ask him to feed your dog when you're out of town, or if he's bringing you something you forgot at home. When he stops by next, just tell him to let himself in. So smooth!


Refer to Your Place as "home"

To make him feel comfy and welcome, the word "home" is extremely powerful. After a date, say, "let's go home" and you'll be surprised what this does to him subconsciously. Your place already has so many more home-ie touches that he probably prefers to stay at your place.


Ask Him to Stay More Often

He already doesn't want to leave you when it's cold, snowing, and raining, so get him to stay. Let him know he can bring more clothes and free up some room in your closet to give him. Over time, get him to stay over on a work night, and you're practically halfway there!


Handwork Needed

Repairs, new paint colors, and rearranging furniture are all ways to get him invested in the household. Hearing his thoughts and input will make him feel like his opinions matter. Take it one step further and get a desk for his laptop and video games. Stock the fridge with his favorite drink and make sure you have his favorite channel to watch his sports games. He'll feel so loved!


Let Him Learn His Way around the House

Get him used to cooking, showering, and helping himself to a drink. Make a meal together so he has an idea of where everything is at. The more he does, the more comfortable he'll feel. Put a fun picture of you two on the fridge to make him feel even more invited.


Ask Straight up

Men are practical, so make a practical appeal and say it would only make sense for him to move in the rest of his belongings since he's practically been living with you. Ask officially if he'd like to move in and tell him why you want him living there.

His reaction to all of these steps will let you know where your relationship stands. He might be already thinking that he wants to move in, or he might seem really unsure and taken back, so pay close attention to his reactions. Take the leap of faith to see if your relationship is ready for the next step.

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She knows he's dating me but still calls or messages him from time to time. He tells me not to worry because he won't jeopardize what we have but I'm still having doubts. He wants me to trust him. Please help

Hi, I'm sure this is irrelevant to the topic but can you post a read please on how to know if your boyfriend is over his ex girlfriend. I'm in an almost two year relationship with my boyfriend. His ex girlfriend and him dated on and off for five years.

Doesn't any of this strike you as manipulative? When BOTH of you are ready you discuss it. Like grownups.

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