Ways to Be Mysterious and Arouse His Curiosity for Girls Wanting to Keep Him on His Toes ...


Ways to Be Mysterious and Arouse His Curiosity  for Girls Wanting to Keep Him on His Toes ...
Ways to Be Mysterious and Arouse His Curiosity  for Girls Wanting to Keep Him on His Toes ...

When your relationship is still new or new-ish, you need to still be attractive to your partner. Don’t let him think of you as familiar as a pair of old comfortable slippers too early on. You want to be a little bit mysterious and unpredictable, making him work to get to know you better. It’s all about staving off boredom and keeping your relationship strong and passionate. It can be rather difficult to arouse a man’s curiosity, but if you behave naturally and use the following tips, you’ll keep him intrigued.

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Master the Art of Eye Contact

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, so to maintain an air of mystery while definitely arousing your man’s curiosity, it is important to learn how to make the most of eye contact without looking like a crazy person! This doesn’t mean staring in to the back of his head all the time, but more just holding eye contact for a significant time while talking to make him feel like you are deeply connected to what he is saying and are only interested in him at that exact point.


Be a Good Listener

Being a good listener is an essential skill to have to make a relationship work, because not only does it have the benefit at the time to impress your partner with how attentive you are being, but it also means that you are able to remember small details for future gifts and surprises that will really make your man fall deeper in love with you than he already is!


Don’t Always Be Totally Available

Even if you want to spend every waking minute with him, let him sweat it out a little to really amp up the want inside of him! Indulging in a little game of cat and mouse never hurt anybody, so long as you don’t go overboard and lead him to think that you aren’t interested at all. Some men aren’t as patient as you think so measure your levels of unavailability wisely!


Don’t over Share Too Early

It’s great when you have those evenings when you can talk and talk for hours, but to keep him interested and coming back for more, stagger out some of your best stories and most personal secrets for a little later down the line. Make him work for the most intimate details about yourself; treat them as rewards for his good and attentive behaviour!


Make Yourself Hard to Read

Being a little unreadable can be fun when you are first dating, so long as you execute it in a playful way rather than an aloof, disinterested way. Make him work for it in the sense that he stays on his toes trying to think of ways to impress you, but don’t be so aloof that he decides it’s not worth the effort!


Don’t Be Too Impressed Too Easily

There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing appreciation and interest in things that he does for you in the early stages, but don’t let him get in to a comfort zone where he stops trying to pull out all the stops in order to make you happy!


Engage in Your Other Interests

It’s important that you don’t make your life all about him as soon as you start dating. Maintain a healthy social balance between your new relationship and all of your other hobbies, and he will see that he has to make an effort to win your time because you will not always be sat there waiting for him.

These tips will not only help keep your man intrigued and want to know more, but will also help you retain a strong sense of self in your relationship.

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