Perfect Things to Say after a Bad First Date to Let the Guy down in a Classy and Gentle Way ...


Perfect Things to Say after a Bad First Date to Let the Guy down in a Classy and Gentle Way ...
Perfect Things to Say after a Bad First Date to Let the Guy down in a Classy and Gentle Way ...

What do you do when a first date has gone very badly? Whether you’re on the spot at the end of the night or he calls you up for date number two, these’re some perfect things to say. Each of them are a way to let him down in a classy and gentle way while still letting you walk away like a boss.

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“You Deserve Honesty.”

Sometimes you’ll be able to turn down a second date in a more indirect way but there’re times you can’t do that. When you’re stuck in a spot and he’s pushing for an answer, use this sentence. There’s no way he can’t appreciate your words when they’re truthful. Being able to make up an easy lie but choosing not to is class. Using tact along with honesty to explain you don’t feel the same way he does shows you’re both classy and compassionate.


“I Won’t Play Games with Your Heart.”

One of the kindest things you can say is this sentence. It’s a way of letting him know that you’re being direct and you respect him and his feelings. No guy likes to be led on. Although it’s hard to tell someone you’re not interested, it’s nicer than just avoiding them until they give up. Best of all, he’ll think the world of you for being upfront with him.


“You’re a Great Person but Not the Person for Me.”

Need a nice way of saying you just don’t click? This one will do it. It’s a way of acknowledging he has wonderful qualities but not necessarily the ones you’re looking for. It’s a way of sweetly telling him that there’s someone else out there who’ll appreciate those great traits but it’s not going to be you.


“I Need to Tell You Where I’m at.”

Sometimes you need to go into a deeper explanation. Maybe you’ve talked for awhile or had an ongoing flirtation that ended up nose-diving on an actual date. Whatever the circumstances, let him down in a gentle way by making it about you. Let him know where you are and why a possible relationship wouldn’t work. It can even be as simple as saying you’ve got a full course load this semester so your time is limited.


“I’m Sorry You’re Hurt.”

This’s always a kind thing to say when someone’s hurt. Even if you didn’t mean to be hurtful, it can help soothe a difficult moment. Sometimes a date wasn’t so hot for one person but the other person was seeing great potential. Attraction doesn’t always go both ways. This statement helps ease the hard thing you had to say.


“I Can’t See You Anymore.”

And there’re times when you have to be very clear. If a guy doesn’t seem to get it when you’re trying to tell him there’s no future, this statement is one you may need to use. It leaves no room for confusion. He’ll understand completely. This statement can seem harsh but saying it with a polite tone can help take the sting out.


“I’m Wishing You All the Best.”

With statement, you’re letting him know it’s final in the nicest way possible. This, like the statement above, leaves no room for confusion. You’re saying no to any future dates in a classy way. It’s also a way to help him not to have hurt feelings toward you. It allows you to part on the best of terms.

These’re 7 classy ways to let him down in a gentle way. Which of these is helpful to you? Have you been in this position before?

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