7 Wonderful Fall First Date Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love ...


7 Wonderful Fall First Date Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love ...
7 Wonderful Fall First Date Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love ...

Fall is an awesome time to go on a first date, but sometimes it’s difficult to think of fall first date ideas. Depending on where you live, there’s either a lot to do or very little. I’ve comprised a list of fun and fairly easy fall first date ideas for you! Hopefully they’ll add a little spice, particularly of the pumpkin variety, (did I just go there?) to your new relationship!

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Apple Picking

Apple Picking It might seem incredibly cliché, but an apple picking date is one of those perfect fall first date ideas! Not only is it a cheap first date idea, but you can also spend the day there and (hopefully) not get bored. It’s also a creative alternative to the typical "dinner and a movie" first date if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary!


Pumpkin Picking and Carving

Pumpkin Picking and Carving Depending on where you live and the orchards you have near you, you may be able to pick pumpkins at the same place you pick apples. The fun part about picking pumpkins, though, is carving them. There’s something inexplicably fun about carving pumpkins, and when you’re done you get to roast the seeds. Forget pumpkin spice lattes - pumpkin seeds may be one of the most underrated fall foods!


Cider Mills

Cider Mills Cider mills are a fun alternative to apple and pumpkin picking because there’s much less work involved and a lot more variety as to what you can do. Enjoying cider and donuts while on a hayride on a crisp fall afternoon is the perfect fall first date. There are also usually haunted hayrides and houses if you’re up for that kind of thing. If you are, you are braver person than I, my friend.


Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy If you’re willing to give up your Halloween to pass out candy, you might have a great first date on your hands. Passing out candy on Halloween has a bunch of positives. It’s a good opportunity to talk to your date and learn more about him, and if you’re looking that far ahead already you can see how he is with kids. If all else fails, at least you get to eat candy with no excuses because it’s Halloween!


Fall Festivals

Fall Festivals There are fall festivals all over the country, with different themes and different activities. Depending on where you live you could have festivals with themes ranging anywhere from cherry to seafood near you. These festivals provide you with fun activities if conversation is slim but also give you the opportunity to get to know each other in a fun and different environment!



Stargazing Stargazing is the perfect first date if you’re looking for something cheap, because it’s free. It’s even more fun during autumn because (weather-permitting) you get to wear warm clothes and bring blankets. It’s simultaneously romantic and comfortable - what could be better?


Football Game

Football Game This is an unproven theory, but I’m pretty sure football games are every guy’s perfect fall first date, unless they are so serious about their team that they could not imagine going to the game as a date. Figure out which kind of guy they are before you plan this date. If you’re a sporty girl this may be the perfect opportunity to show him that, and you may even impress him with your knowledge! Who says girls don’t know sports?

Hopefully these ideas help you plan your perfect first date this fall! Have you ever been on the perfect fall first date? Let me know what you did and how it went in the comments!

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Stargazing <3


Omg I can't believe you included a picture of the Franklin cider mill!!! Absolutely the best. Love!

I can't believe it...nobody loves me???!

Star gazing!

I just met this woman and for our first date I'm taking her star gazing. We're filling up the cab of my truck with blankets and a bunch of pillows and we're going to lay there and talk while looking at the stars. I think it should be great! 😊

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