17 Men Vs Women Infographics That Show Our Differences ...


17 Men Vs Women Infographics That Show Our Differences ...
17 Men Vs Women Infographics That Show Our Differences ...

Men and women aren't all that different. Of course, there are a few tiny things that tend to set us apart. Here are a few men vs women infographics that show our general differences:

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Gender Stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes Source: visual.ly

Have you ever wondered how many words come out of your mouth each day? Well, according to this infographic, it's about 7,000 words.


Men Vs Women

Men Vs Women Source: bestinfographics.co

Did you know that women are actually better drivers? Or that women tend to live longer than men?


Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction Source: business2community.com

Apparently, it doesn't matter if you're male or female. Both genders value internet access over pretty much everything else.


Spending Money

Spending Money Source: bitrebels.com

According to this infographic, "retail therapy" is more of a female thing. However, when depressed, women tend to shop for new clothes and shoes, while men will shop for electronics and movies.


What Motivates Employees

What Motivates Employees Source: pinterest.com

Women want to be respected in the workplace. Meanwhile, men want to know the truth.


In the Shower

In the Shower Source: pinterest.com

It shouldn't surprise you that women take longer than men in the shower. After all, we're the ones stuck shaving every inch of our body.


Online Shopping Habits

Online Shopping Habits Source: dailyinfographic.com

According to this infographic, women tend to shop online earlier, during noon to one PM. Meanwhile, men tend to shop later, from around seven to eight PM.


Savviest Networkers

Savviest Networkers Source: theatlantic.com

Did you know that men are mostly in charge of the cosmetics industry, even though it's primarily women who buy the products? Or that women are mostly in charge of the ranching industry, even though it's primarily men who are involved in it?


Single Spending

Single Spending Source: infographicpins.com

Single men tend to spend more on dining out and travel. Meanwhile, single women tend to spend more on clothing and personal care.


Disease Prone

Disease Prone Source: asbestosnews.com

Women have a higher life expectancy than men. Women are expected to live until 80 while men are only expected to live until 75.


Internet Addicts

Internet Addicts Source: pcmag.com

Men tend to spend a little more time on the internet than women do. To be more specific, they usually spend more time on Twitter and Youtube than women do.



Population Source: graphicriver.net

In most countries, the split between men and women is about 50/50.


Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites Source: adweek.com

There are more women on Pinterest and more men on Reddit. There are also more women on Instagram and more men on Youtube.



ICT Source: au.hudson.com

Unfortunately, men still hold more positions of power in the workplace. However, a good chunk of women have received a pay raise in the past year, which is a start.


Online Ads

Online Ads Source: lbszone.com

Men like ads with cars and sports. We like ads with sentimental themes and pets. Can you blame us?


Online Gambling

Online Gambling Source: visual.ly

There are a lot more males in the online gambling game. Of course, that means us women are saving our money.



Alcohol Source: responsibility.org

It usually takes men longer to get drunk than women. That's why you need to be careful about your alcohol intake.

Now you know the teeny tiny differences that tend to arise between genders. Do these infographics describe you, or did they get it all wrong?

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I wish I had #3 with me about two weeks ago! I just wrote a paper about I tenet addictions !

Women do tend to live longer defo careful drivers better not particularly because being careful on the road can actually cause accidents so there needs to be a balance!

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