17 Things Men Find Unattractive in Women for Girls Wondering What Not to do ...


17 Things Men Find Unattractive  in Women for Girls Wondering  What Not to do ...
17 Things Men Find Unattractive  in Women for Girls Wondering  What Not to do ...

You already know that men are turned on by a lot of tiny things, but they're turned off by a lot of tiny things, too. Here are a few things that men find unattractive in women:

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Low Confidence

Low Confidence Confidence is sexy. If you're always going on and on about how horrible you are, then it's going to push him away.


Men are often drawn to women who exude self-assurance. If you're constantly pointing out your faults, it not only affects how you view yourself but also tells him that you're not comfortable in your own skin. An incessant flow of self-deprecation not only dulls your shine but may also place an unnecessary burden of constantly needing to uplift you on your partner. Instead of focusing on your perceived flaws, highlight your strengths and embrace your imperfections. After all, everyone has them, and they make you uniquely you.



Superficial He won't want to be with you if you only care about how much money he makes or what kind of car he drives. He wants you to like him for his personality.



Cocky Even though confidence is sexy, cockiness sure isn't. You don't want to act like you're the hottest woman in the entire world, because no one likes a conceited chick.


A Gossip

A Gossip He knows that you're always going to have stories about your friends and coworkers. Of course, he doesn't want you to take things too far by gossiping about everyone you ever come across.


But if you're spilling secrets and enjoying the whispers a little too much, it could be a major turn-off for him. Trust is key, and when he sees that you treat confidential information as currency in your social circle, it might make him question what you're saying about him when he's not around. It's all about balance—sharing with your significant other is great, but crossing the line into malicious or petty rumors could damage how he sees your integrity and ultimately, your relationship.


Bad Hygiene

Bad Hygiene He won't want to hop into bed with you if you're stinky. That's why you need to keep your hair washed and your body smelling fresh.

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Bad with Money

Bad with Money If you two enter a serious relationship, he won't be happy when you waste your entire paycheck on a new pocketbook. He'll want you to be wise with your money so you can have a successful future together.


A Flirt

A Flirt He wants to be the only man in your life. If you flirt with every other boy you see, then he'll assume that you're more interested in playing the field than in establishing a serious relationship with him.


Lack of Ambition

Lack of Ambition It's important to have a passion in life. If you hate everything, then you won't be any fun to be around.



Fickle Men hate mixed signals. If you act like you love him one day and like you hate him the next day, he'll be too confused to stick around.


A Big Drinker

A Big Drinker If he drinks, he'll probably be happy if you're willing to drink with him. However, he won't want you to go overboard every weekend, because he'll be the one forced to hold your hair back.



Clingy He doesn't want you to come over every single day and text him every five minutes. He needs time to miss you.



Needy He wants to date a capable, independent woman. He doesn't want someone who can't even open a jar on her own.



Ditzy Ignore what you've seen in the movies. Men don't want dumb girls. They want intelligent girls.



Fake He wants you to be comfortable with him. He doesn't want you to pretend to be someone you're not in the hopes of impressing him.



Lazy He doesn't want to be the one stuck doing all of the housework. He wants you to put in as much effort as he does.


When both partners engage in chores around the home, it creates an atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect. If he perceives that you're avoiding your share of the work, it can lead to frustration and resentment. Remember, a relationship is about balance and sharing responsibilities. It’s vital to demonstrate that you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and tackle tasks together. After all, a partnership means both individuals contribute equally to create a harmonious living space.



Jealous He won't mind if you're jealous over his exes, but he won't be happy if you get pissed whenever a little old lady looks at him.



person, muscle, sense, screenshot, No one wants to date a judgmental jerk. But if you have an open mind, then you're going to go far in life.

These traits are unattractive, and quite frankly, they'll only make you unhappy. In your opinion, what is the most unattractive trait that a man could have?

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It doesn't make sense, it says don't be fake, but aren't all these guidelines post here to ask us to hide what's rly u and fake those out, in order to be the perfect love machine??

I hate men who have no hobby like do something productive and touchy men

This app should be about building women up without tearing them down by trying to change them to appease men. This article is horrible.

Any* not "and".

This app is always about how a woman is suppose to please a man. I haven't seen to many articles about what men should do to get us. I'm thinking about deleting this app because I guess it's gearing toward teenagers. Gown woman don't have time for this nonsense. REAL TALK

This article is really helpful, thank you

Be yourself. If he doesn't like it he can move on!

@BeGailCo FOR REAL!!

Looking forward to the stuff worth reading!

@honeybanks Exactly. 👏

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