20 Unfortunate 😢 Signs You're in a One-Sided ☝🏼️ Relationship 💑 ...


One-sided relationships are so hard to be in, but what happens if you don't know you're in one? How can you tell? Well girls, I've got your covered, below are the top 20 signs that you are unfortunately … in a one-sided relaitonship and you'll need to get out of it ASAP.

1. You're Always the One to Reach out First

You're Always the One to Reach out First

… and it sucks.

You Have to Avoid Certain Topics of Conversation


Men aren't extinct from earth ! There millions of admirers out there ready to give you everything and more that you ve ever expected 💕
If this is the case I will simply shake him out of my heart and sould as if he never existed
Yep that was then, now I am very single, simply stopped reaching out and being the initiator - poof gone like magic
What if the person is great but you been together for 5 months and you post all sorts of things and pics of the 2 of you in social media but they haven't posted anything at all and have pics of their ...
Recently, I was in a relationship that showed some of these signs and yes I loved my ex very much and still do, but I knew deep down it wasn't healthy for neither of us. So we ended it for many reason...
How about it if it was your husband not your boyfriend ?
peony blue
1and 2 is so true!
This is very accurate
Everything in this article happened to me in my last relationship ... It was awful.
Aww oh sorry to hear that !
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