Unique Compliments He'll Love to Hear ...


As nice as it is to compliment your man on his eyes or his smile, they're comments that he's probably heard a million times before. If you want your compliment to feel extra special, then you should try commenting on something that most people wouldn't notice. That way, he'll realize just how much you love him and pay attention to him. Here are a few unique compliments that he probably hasn't heard before:

1. He Looks Cute when He's Not Trying to Be

The best thing to compliment someone on is something they don't even realize that they do. Tell your man how adorable his face looks when he's lost in a book, or how adorable he sounds when he gets excited over a hockey game. Pointing out something small that he never knew he did will make him realize that you know him better than he knows himself.

He Makes You Feel Beautiful


Great post!
peony blue
Sorry about the mistakes the iPhone is the culprit hehehe
peony blue
Awwww I agree. We sometimes forget how hard our end work sometimes or Horwich they just want to please use. Do a meaningful compliment is not a bad thing at all because they appreciate it a lot.
I told my crush his random whistling to songs made me happy that he was happy about life. He was so delited.
A good reminder..thanks for posting
This is just the sweetest thing
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