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8 Classic Relationship Myths Revealed ...

By Heather

Relationship myths are things that can actually ruin a relationship simply because there are so many assumptions out there. If you are finding yourself in a relationship myth and don't know how to find your way out, don't worry! I've got the top 8 relationship myths unlocked!

1 Cheating is the Only Reason Couples Break up

To be honest, this is one of the relationship myths that surprised me. I thought for sure that cheating would be the number one reason why couples break up. Truthfully, the number one reason is because of money and because of lack of communication. Cheating typically is about third. Why do you think that is?

2 Boyfriends Never Listen

Boyfriends are a complicated species to understand. Sometimes, they truly doesn't listen but other times, when they surprise you with the exact purse that you said you wanted once, two months ago – it's crazy! One of the biggest relationship myth out there is that boys don't listen at all, truth be told, they do if you have a good guy by your side!

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3 Sex and Money Are the Top Two Most Common Fight Topics

This is another relationship myth that actually surprised me. I thought for sure these would be at the top of the list for fighting, but truthfully ladies, it's all about feeling important. My Better Half actually has the same complaint of me. Making your man feel important and valued is just as important as sex and money are.

4 Therapy Doesn't Work

Most of the people that say therapy doesn't work, probably isn't trying hard enough or is expecting therapy to be the end all and be all, without actually putting in the work. Therapy can make or break a relationship but remember, you still have to do the work, even if you have someone giving you the steps to that work.

5 It's Always 50/50

This is a very common relationship myth that most men don't think about. Did you know that most relationships aren't 50/50 split? Typically, it's 70/30 or even 60/40. It works, as long as the person that is doing more doesn't mind it too much.

6 Social Media Doesn't Harm Anything

Using things like Facebook and Tumblr are great, great things to have, but they can actually harm your relationship. Either you could be spending too much time on them or, when you're upset, you could actually use them for bad versus good. One tip? Don't use social media platforms as a means to fight, it isn't worth it.

7 Cheating Happens after a Couple Has Been Together for a While

This is the biggest load ladies, just because you've been in a relationship for a really long time doesn't mean you are going to cheat. Or he is going to cheat. If you are bored in your sex life, why not spice it up? No reason to trade in your man if you can just spice up your relationship a little bit.

8 There Are No Good Therapists

Finally ladies, the last relationship myth is all about therapists. So you've been to therapy once and already, you don't think that your therapist is a good one. It's probably because you don't want to follow the rules that they are laying down right?

As you can see ladies, there are tons of different relationship myths out there. Some of them are true, but a lot of the relationship myths out there aren't true. So ladies, what myths do you have questions on? Did I crack any for you?

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