7 Obvious Signs He is Serious about You for Women in Doubt ...


7 Obvious Signs He is Serious about You for Women in Doubt  ...
7 Obvious Signs He is Serious about You for Women in Doubt  ...

If you’re in a new relationship and you are afraid that he might be playing you, just read on and discover a few obvious signs he is serious about you. It’s natural to wonder from time to time if you and your partner are on the same page about how serious you feel about a future together, but try not to let all those worries get in the way and prevent you from having fun. If you want to know if he is in your relationship for the long haul, here are a few obvious signs he is serious about you:

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He is Transparent

One of the most obvious signs he is serious about you is the fact that he is very transparent. You don’t have to ask him how was his day or where did he go or with whom, he tells you about all these details himself and he never feels the need to hide anything from you. Try to remember that someone who is serious about you and your relationship is never evasive or vague.


His transparency extends beyond day-to-day activities. He openly discusses his feelings, dreams, and fears with you, showing a level of vulnerability that speaks volumes about his trust and commitment. When he talks about future plans, your involvement is a given, not an afterthought. By including you in his vision of the future, it’s clear that he views you as a vital part of his life, further reinforcing just how serious he is about the relationship.


He Introduces You to His Loved Ones

If your new boyfriend is really serious about you then he will want to show you off and he will introduce you to all of his loved ones. He will want you to meet his parents, his colleagues and his closest friends so he can show them what a great catch you are. This shows that, to him, you are more than just a casual acquaintance and that he is really serious about you.


Being welcomed into his inner circle is a clear sign of his commitment to the relationship. When a man takes this step, he's keen on getting his loved ones' approval and integrating you into his personal life. It's his way of declaring his intentions and ensuring you're seen as part of his future. This move also suggests a readiness for partnership and a deep respect for you, as he openly acknowledges the importance of your role in his life.


He Makes Time for You

Someone who is really interested in you will always make time for you and will want to spend as much time as possible in your company, no matter how busy they are. You are one of his priorities and he will expect you to do the same. He is always there when you need him and you can really count on him.


He Wants to Know You Better

Someone who is serious about you isn’t just curious about you; they will want to know as much as possible about you. He has a genuine desire to get to know you better; he wants to know what your hopes and dreams are, what future career plans you have and how you plan to achieve all your goals. Don’t be afraid, you won’t bore him with all those details!


He Doesn’t Play Mind Games with You

If your boyfriend says that he will meet you at a certain hour, then he will drop everything and he will do everything in his power to do that. Someone who is serious about you doesn’t play mind games with you and he doesn’t torment you by saying one thing and doing another.


He Listens to You

If your partner is really interested in you, then he really listens to everything you have to say and he always respects your opinion. He asks for your advice quite often and he will involve you in his decisions. He always talks to you when he’s confused about something because he knows that he can count on you.


He Includes You in His Other Interests

When a guy is serious about you, he will want to share everything with you so he will include you in his other interests. If his hobby is playing tennis, then he will want you to join him - and if you don’t know how to play tennis, then he will be more than happy to teach you this sport.

There are a lot of things that can indicate that your partner is serious about you and that you are in a committed relationship. I just mentioned a few in this little article but I’m sure there are many more I could add to this list. How do you know that a guy is serious about you? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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My bf cheated on me awhile back and I've been having trouble trusting him again, but it made me feel really good to be able to say "yup that's him" to every one of these

so this might just confirm my suspicions that my guy definitely not that much into me - time to run

Perfect! ;D

Very true!!

I need to know your opinions on my last post

He will do it again. Wasted heat of my life with someone manipulative. Staying shows you have no respect and he won't give it to you

If he's cheated on you before and your mind and your heart is giving you those doubts maybe it's your mind and heart telling you something ?

To the T correct... And describes my guy exactly! Thank you

So true

Really liked this blog!

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