10 Obvious Signs You're Falling in Love ...


10 Obvious Signs You're Falling in Love ...
10 Obvious Signs You're Falling in Love ...

"Am I falling in love?" - is something we all have asked ourselves at least once in our life. You don’t know what’s different, but something is. It’s like you feel renewed, rejuvenated. You’ve suddenly got a spring in your step. Nothing is too much hassle. Could it be that you’re in love? Here are some signs…

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You Daydream a Lot

At work, people are constantly having to call your name twice as you’re so lost in thought. Sometimes there’s a little smile playing around your lips that you’re unaware of. But others see it and comment. They know you’re in love.


You Get out of Your Routine

Whereas previously you were a stickler for routine, now you’re nonchalant about rules. Suddenly, it doesn’t matter if the washing up is not done straight after dinner. You’d much rather cuddle with your loved one on the couch, watching TV. You used to go for a run every Sunday at 7 in the morning. Now you prefer to spend that time in bed, snuggling up to the warm body next to you. You tell yourself you’ll run next week, and don’t even feel guilty about it.


You Miss Your Partner

When you’re apart for a day or so, you really miss your partner. It's a real ache that tells you he or she is a fundamental part of your life now.


Your Ex is a Distant Memory

You used to obsess about your ex, the way he or she dumped you, or cheated on you. You could hardly get through a day without plotting some sort of revenge. You were furious when you heard your ex was dating again, and you weren’t. Now, you almost can’t remember your ex’s name; it’s in the distant past. You’ve finally moved on.


You Want to Attend to His or Her Every Need

When he asks if you’d mind dropping off the dry cleaning, you immediately say yes. You love doing nice things for him that make him happy, like buying him some beer for after work or letting him watch the football when you really want to watch a movie. It makes you feel good.


You Look Forward to Sex

Your lovemaking is delicious. You think about it all the time, and plan for long sexy evenings. You make sure that you buy nice wine and scintillating underwear, shave everywhere that you’ve previously neglected, and smell like heaven.


You Keep Seeing Things You Think Your Partner Would Love

Suddenly, you understand the meaning of mindfulness. You notice everything around you: the flowers in bloom, the cute bird that always comes to drink near your home, the dog with puppies. You can’t wait to tell your partner about all these glorious things you’ve seen.


You Share Your Innermost Secrets

You feel comfortable enough to cry in front of him or tell him about your dysfunctional family, your alcoholic father and black sheep brother. You tell him that you once stole sweets from a shop, and that you secretly wanted to be a mud wrestler. You hold nothing back. It feels natural and right to you to share these personal stories.


You Trust Him Implicitly

If he doesn’t text you back immediately, you don’t have an apoplexy. If he says he’s out having a drink with the guys, you don’t question that for one minute. You love that your relationship is based on honesty and transparency.


You Used to Love Going out

In fact, you’d get anxious if you had nothing planned for the weekend, and start phoning around by Wednesday. Now, you’re more than happy to stay in and potter around together. You cook together. You lie side by side and watch a Netflix movie. Your home no longer feels like a house; it is warm and welcoming all of a sudden.

Go on! Admit it. You’re in love!

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Can a person fall in love after 2weeks and a half?????

Because I feel like I am ...

U can fall in love anyway

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