7 Ways He Shows You He Loves You without Saying It ...


Some girls are always moaning that they don't hear those three little words often enough, but girls, there are plenty of ways he shows he loves you - haven't you heard the saying 'actions speak louder than words'? If you're guilty of thinking your man doesn't love you, read on to see the 7 ways he shows he loves you....without ever uttering the words 'I love you.'

1. He Buys You Little Gifts

If your man constantly brings you little tokens of affection when he sees you, it shows you're on his mind - whether it's your favourite chocolate bar, a book he thought you'd like or just groceries he thought you might need. This is one of the sweetest ways he shows he loves you, so don't take it for granted!

He Lets You Choose


maan jee
@Lina, just try give him confidence so that he can react in time in front of u... i think ur behavior is not encouraging for him and he is feeling a lil insecure of speaking in front of u... simply he's afraid of u
I have a question if a guy tells you why you were so quite last year what does it mean? Please help thank you!!!😊
How's 2/7?
I feel terribly lucky after reading this. My man does all this and more 💜
@Happy same😂
@Sandra G welcome to my club. Once your married it seems to change.
Sandra G
My husband only does #7 so I guess he f ing hates me. N💩
This probably describes me better than the guy
none... 👎👎
None. Lol
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