10 Best Things about Being in Love with Your Best Friend ...


10 Best Things about Being in Love with Your Best Friend ...
10 Best Things about Being in Love with Your Best Friend ...

There are lots of great reasons why it's so great to be in love with your best friend. Your best friend is by your side through it all. As you continue to spend all of your time together, have you begun getting butterflies? Falling in love with your best friend and them loving you back is a whirlwind journey that pushes you down the road to your best life. Here are 10 reasons why it's so great to be in love with your best friend.

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Witty Banter

Developing a relationship and friendship is one of the things a couple needs in order to last. When you date your best friend the banter is already there. You can already make fun of him and joke around with him about almost everything that helps ease you into your new loving relationship and helps you navigate all the twists and turns of life. This really is one of the best reasons why it's so great to be in love with your best friend.


He Knows All of Your “annoying” Traits and He Already Love You for It

We all are embarrassing and annoying at times in our lives, and getting into a new relationship means having to learn and accept the ways in which your partner uniquely lives his life. With your best friend you feel comfortable enough to be yourself and since he probably already knows all your embarrassing moments and annoying traits and accept them, then it’s easier to fall in love fast.



Your best friend may have been the one telling you to stop dating all these idiots and cares about you enough so that he would never ever want to hurt you. So when there’s a boy’s night or a long distance relationship, best friends are secure in their bond and trust their partner. Things like cheating or keeping secrets from your best friend and now romantic partner seems silly because you know him so well and the bond is so strong.


Willingness to do Everything with You

Best friends already have many of the same interests, but those interests that you may differ on can turn into fun adventures when you're with your best friend and partner in crime. This man loves you, cares about you, and knows all the little things you love and a best friend will want to experience these things with you (even if only to try it one time).


Shared Interests

Whether it’s hunting, sports, partying, movies, or any other interest. You and your best friend are compatible before you date and have a way to bond without sex. These interests also lead to great date nights where both you and your partner can enjoy something you are passionate about. This bond leads to a lasting relationship.


Never Get Sick of Him

Okay, never might be excessive, but what’s great about a best friend is that you can have fun doing anything and nothing at all. Loving your best friend means you can sit at home in your sweats all day watching Netflix on the couch and not want the time to end. Anytime apart will make you that much happier to see his smile.


Supporting the Other is Never a Question

Have an internship that will take you to the other side of the country? Pursuing a career that people say you can’t do? Best friends want you to flourish and want the best for you. They will support you in ways that someone who only cares about you as his best friend will. Long distance is not as hard when you have your best friend cheering you on.


Wanting the Best for You

Whether it’s that he wants the best partner for you (catering and caring for your needs) or he wants the best for you individually, either way, he will help you rise to the top in any aspect of your life. You also want the same for your best friend and in that way you both have someone always in your corner, willing and ready to help. This assistance will help you both live the best lives as the power couple that you are.


Your Friends Are His Friends

Parties and meeting the friends are a lot easier when you fall in love with your best friend because your friends are his friends, or you have known his friends while you were just still friends. Date nights can therefore include your other friends, and your friends won’t feel as neglected when you are in the honeymoon phase. Lastly, these friends will support you guys as a pair and will love the fact that you are FINALLY together.



It’s that simple. You love your favorite person in the world, and the possibility that this will last until the end of time means that you will get to navigate through life with your best friend and lover.

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