5 Most Common Ways Cheaters Communicate with Their Lovers ...


5  Most Common Ways Cheaters Communicate with Their Lovers ...
5  Most Common Ways Cheaters Communicate with Their Lovers ...

I'm here to share with you the most common ways that cheaters communicate with their lovers. Whether you like it or not, there is a pretty high possibility that you are going to be cheated on in your romantic life. Cheating is something that plagues many more relationships than you might imagine, and it often leads unsuspecting victims to wonder "how exactly did they manage to maintain a whole other relationship behind my back?" Well, thanks to the glorious age of technology that we live in, there are more ways to conduct an affair than you could think of! Here are five most common ways that cheaters communicate with their lovers.

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Dating Apps

Remember that dating apps aren’t just places where you like can like and swipe on pretty pictures. The chat and messaging function on Tinder, Bumble, etc. are a perfect place for a cheater to conduct their business because you never even need the person’s number to add to your contacts. It’s also a place where a partner might not look if snooping through a phone, opting straight for the texts and voicemails instead! If your partner is on dating apps, it's one of the most common ways that cheaters communicate with their lovers and you might want to check things out.


Cheating is an issue that affects many relationships, and it’s important to be aware of the tactics cheaters use to communicate with their lovers. In addition to dating apps, some of the most common ways that cheaters communicate include using social media, texting, and phone calls.

Social media is a popular choice for cheaters because it’s easy to remain anonymous and it’s easy to communicate with someone without being detected. Cheaters can create fake accounts to interact with their lovers, or they can use their real accounts but keep their conversations hidden from their partners.

Texting is another popular way for cheaters to communicate with their lovers. It’s fast and easy to send messages, and it’s difficult for a partner to detect if they don’t have access to the cheater’s phone.

Phone calls are another way cheaters communicate with their lovers. Cheaters can make calls from a different number or even from a payphone to avoid detection.

Finally, cheaters may also communicate through email or instant messaging. Email is a great way for cheaters to remain anonymous, and instant messaging is a fast and convenient way to communicate.


Second Phone

If your partner is going deep with a second relationship, then it might be the case that they have an entirely different smartphone for that purpose. A different number altogether ensures that you will never see a secret text by accident. With good quality phones available for low prices these days, having an alternative handset for cheating purposes is a totally legit option.


This concealed device comes in handy for maintaining secret communications via calls, texts, and even specific apps designed for surreptitious messaging. They might keep this phone hidden in a car glove box, a work drawer, or perhaps tucked away in a seemingly innocent bag at home. Always listen to your gut if you come across a spare charger that you can't match to any of your devices, or if they're protective of their "work phone." It’s a red flag if there's hesitation or a complicated explanation when you ask about it.


Social Media

Once again, maintaining cheating through social media means that your partner never even has to have the person’s number; it’s all done through the in-app messaging! Sliding into someone’s DMs is effortlessly easy, and it can be the start of lots of trouble if somebody decides to reply and get an interaction going!



If we’re talking about face to face communication rather than online communication, then the workplace is a classic environment for breeding cheaters. It’s the one place in your partner’s life that you don’t have strict permission to be in, so they have more freedom to interact with whoever they want to, and if somebody takes their fancy, the proximity and sheer amount of hours spent together during the week can definitely lead to something more serious.


Through a Friend

It sounds far fetched, but you would be amazed by how many illicit relationships are conducted via a mutual friend! If somebody wants to be extra safe from being caught, then their messages and hook-ups can be relayed through a mutual friend who doesn’t mind being involved in a spot of cheating. A partner won’t raise an eyebrow if they see a bunch of messages coming from a work friend of the same sex, will they? They’ll just think it’s general friendship banter, when in fact those messages are being used to set up secret dates and meetings that will eventually lead to a full blown affair. It’s a dangerous game to play!

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