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Finding the right ways to deal with a crush on your BFF's boyfriend is never easy. It's a sticky situation all around, but if you approach it right, who knows what can happen! Are you looking for a way to deal with a crush on your BFF's boyfriend? Well ladies, I've got the top 8 ways to deal with a crush on your BFF's boyfriend below! Take a look, these can absolutely help!

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Do Not Go out of Your Way to Impress Him

First and foremost, you have to understand that your BFF's boyfriend is hers. She got him and while you might have a crush, you don't want to ruin your friendship because of it. This is why you don't want to go out of your way to impress him. Don't run to fix your hair or put makeup on, unless you already have it on if you know that the two of them are coming over, it could upset your best friend!


Don’t Get Too Close to Him

One of the ways to deal with a crush on your BFF's boyfriend is to not get too close to him. While it is nice to be friends with your best friend's boyfriend, if you have a crush on him, you don't want to hurt yourself more by strengthening that crush. Get to know him of course, but don't hang out with him without your best friend there.


Vent Your Feelings out

It's okay to have feelings for your BFF's boyfriend ladies, it's natural, it happens sometimes. You also have a right to vent your feelings out. One of the ways to deal with a crush on your best friend's boyfriend is to maybe start a journal. Get all of your feelings out there or even talk to your parents or your other friends to see if they have any advice. Who knows what can happen!


Friendships Are More Important than a Crush

Realizing that friendships are much more important than a boyfriend is another top way to deal with a crush on your BFF's boyfriend. After all, if you stole her boyfriend, do you really think that you won't miss your best friend? After everything you've been through? Stick with your BFF!


Tell Your BFF

If you have a really, really good relationship with your best friend and you know that nothing can come between you two, why not tell your best friend? Get everything out in the open. This could be one of the best ways to deal with a crush on your BFF's boyfriend. Be reassuring to her though that you have no intentions of acting on your feelings, but you do have them.


Don’t Be the Rebound Girl if They Break up

If your BFF and her boyfriend break up, do not become the rebound girl. This could absolutely backfire on you and who knows, you could lose both of them! Just stand your ground and comfort your best friend!


Watch What You Say

When you have a crush on someone, sometimes you can say some pretty stupid things accidentally. When you are trying to find ways to deal with a crush on your best friend's boyfriend, you want to watch what you say and be careful how you hint at your crush!


Ask Your Friend to Date Him if They Break up

Finally, let's say that they have been broken up for months and you still have your crush. Ask your friend if she would be okay with you dating him! Who knows, she could say yes and you could get your wish! You never want to date your BFF's ex without her permission though.

I know that learning the ways to deal with a crush on your BFF's isn't easy for you, but remember, your best friend is there through anything, often guys aren't. So ladies, do you have any other ways to deal with a crush on your BFF's boyfriend?

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So its a different story with me. The girl isnt my best friend but me and her boyfriend met at camp and he asked me to go to this banquet thingy (like a dance) with him and I said yes. We had a camp thing and i told him over text that i really had feelings for him. What should I do and what do you think will happen?

What? NEVER tell your BFF forever you are crushing on her man. That is something that shouldn't be happening in the first place, and even though sometimes we can't help the way we feel, use every tool for willpower and self-control that you have to overcome it, but telling your BFF will only magnify the situation.

Yea...I'm all for honesty, but I don't think spilling the beans to your friend is the way to go. Somethings should go unsaid.

Hey. Well the girl isnt my friend and i dont even know her. But this girl was dating the guy i met and really like. We went to a dance together cus he asked me to. We had fun and really connected. But i told him i had feelings for him. He asked if we could meet up at a mall and sed that his gf doesnt mind. What should i do. Cus i know what we had was more than friends and we held hands too!! So what should I do and he always texts me and everybody says tht he talks about me like alott and that he likes me. What should i do??

My Boyfriend is my BFF ex should I tell her??

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