7 Ways to Find Closure 🔐 from a Bad Relationship 💔 for Girls Struggling 😩 to Move on 👋🏼 ...


You've just experienced a relationship that's ended badly but you still need closure in order to move on...we've all been there! Be this as it may, it's definitely not as easy as it sounds to find closure, so here are a few ways of how you can achieve it to point you in the right direction! ⏲ ⏱ ❤️

1. Don't Blame Yourself ❤️

One of the most important ways to find closure from a bad relationship is to remember not to blame yourself. Some people have a habit of always blaming themselves when something doesn't go according to plan, but you can try and minimise this kind of thinking by remembering that it takes two to tango (or at least two to get into the situation that you're in now) and so both of you are responsible for it, not just you!

Take What You Need from It ❤️


Maggie May
Exactly type of article I was looking for. So, thanks for the reassurance.
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