11 Ways 📝 to Make Touching Yourself 🙈 Feel Better than Ever 😍 ...


Masturbation shouldn't be taboo. After all, everyone does it! It's actually healthy for you, because it can boost your immune system, get rid of your headaches, and help you get to know your body better. If you want the experience to feel more intense than ever, follow this advice from womenshealthmag.com

1. Use Lube

Use Lube

If you use lube, it'll make it easier for you to orgasm.

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Theressa lalanne
M... It's self pleasure for single or attached ppl. Why depend on someone to give you pleasure. Grow a spine, please yourself. Its not disgusting in anyway!!!
peony blue
Not disgusting in anyway shape or form!
@M; masturbating is normal. Science has proven masturbating is healthy; if you do not like it then just don't do it but do not call it "disgusting" since both many men and women engage in this activity that is completely normal.
Or get married...all these are disgusting
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