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Okay girls, I want to start off by telling you I am the Queen of Mind Games. I have devoted many years to perfecting the art of mind games, and they have worked very well for my friends and me... until recently. I found myself falling for a boy who could not be played by anything I threw at him. So come to find out there are men out there who just can't be gamed! If you are looking to be single, date, and have fun, then check out my article on how to pick up guys. But if you are looking for tips on how to start a relationship, these 7 ways to NOT play mind games with guys are going to help you get out of the over-thinking and into the non-thinking.

1. Don't over Think Things

As girls, we tend to want to over-analyze everything. Any time we get a text or call we sit and ask every girl friend what he meant when he said whatever he said. A guy literally means what he says. There is no hidden code behind it. If you keep that in your mind when talking to your crush, it will help you be less crazy and more yourself.

Just do It


any thoughts?
@kileycoleman thanks! So I wasn't really looking for guys too much at school, but I noticed a guy started liking me in November/December. We had two classes together, and in both we sat near each oth...
Kiley Coleman
@Anonymous, sure what's going on?
hi kiley, i needed some advice. its not that big of a deal but i would love a second opinion. (its kind of a long story)
Awesome!! Your advice will definitely help. :) 😇
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