Ways to Ramp up the Romance after Dark ...


You both work hard all day and sometimes you just want to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Not good! Your relationship deserves more than that. It’s no shame to admit you need a little help to feel romantic at the end of a busy day. So if you need some ways to ramp up the romance when the sun goes down, here they are:

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Start with a Bit of Humor

You will be surprised how romantic and even erotic a giggle can be when you are in bed together. Don’t just turn over and go to sleep. Have a little giggle. Don’t start your standup routine or tell jokes. Ask him about his job and misinterpret the things he says. Accuse him of doing things whilst studying or that he spends most of his time doing nothing. Find cute ways of using innuendo that relate to his work or your relationship. Couples who laugh together are happy together and there’s nothing like some laughter to generate a hug.


Hide under the Covers and Create a Little Tent

This may seem like one of the more childish ways to get romantic, but it can be fun and more importantly can be very intimate. Again, you may find it difficult to convince your man of this, but remember that in his mind he is still looking through the same eyes he was when he was 15yrs old and secretly he loves the idea of acting like a kid. Cover the pair of you up into almost a tent-like structure and whisper a few playful things in his ear. Tell him that in here it is just you and him and that nobody else in the world can get to you both.


Set up Candles and Take a Bath Together

An aromatic (not too girly though – hold on the rose scents) candlelit bath together can be nice. It is not about getting clean, though allowing him to soap you down can be fun.


Eat in Bed

Feeding each other in bed can be romantic or it can be a great way of spreading crumbs all over the bed. The secret is intimacy. You cannot rest your feet on each other over the dinner table; you cannot hold each other or paw at each other when you are usually eating your meals in front of the TV. Eating in bed allows you to get close and be intimate, and if you order takeaway, then it is more of an occasion.


Blindfold Each of You

The trick to turn this from “just” a sex thing, to a romantic thing is to be in separate rooms when you blindfold up. One of you enters the bedroom wearing a blindfold where your partner is waiting, also blindfolded. It is also a game of trust because you have to trust that the other has a blindfold on and cannot see you. Clamber around and try to find each other without making any noise, and spend time in each others’ arms whilst blindfolded. Try to navigate each other without being able to see.


Whisper Naughtily to Each Other Whilst in Each Other’s Arms

Sometimes the most basic things can be romantic without you even knowing. Like whispering naughty things to each other while you are in each other’s arms. You don’t have to go all 70’s porno about it. Tell him where you are going to tickle him or how your body feels pressed against his. Tell him that he is the only one and that this is special because only you two get to do it. Tell him that you are all his and that nobody else gets to enjoy your pleasure.


Give Him a Massage

Do not ask him. Just go for his shoulders and his upper arms. Start by rubbing his shoulders and upper arms a little and move onto a massage. Teach him to rub your back, but ask him to sit close to you. Have him position his head near your neck and tell him it is because you want him closer to you. Do it so you can feel his breath on your neck because it feels great.

Revving up the romance doesn’t have to be about the grand gesture. All the little things count too. Are you now looking forward to this evening?

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