This is What True Love Looks like ...


This is What True Love Looks like ...
This is What True Love Looks like ...

Korean artist Puuung has created a series of incredibly sweet images that show us all that love happens and flourishes, in a thousand tiny ways, every day. It's the little moments that count, and in these moments, love is there. This is exactly what love looks like.

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In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen Source:


The heart of the home buzzes with quiet, shared moments. Picture flour-dusted noses and laughter mixing with the smells of baking. There's a gentle tug at the apron string, an invitation to taste a spoonful of homemade sauce. It's not just about the food; it's the way hands brush while chopping vegetables, and sneak into the cookie dough. Shared glances full of mirth become the secret ingredient, turning a routine task into an intimate dance of love and companionship. In these seemingly mundane activities, love is kneaded deeply into the dough of life.


Nap on the Couch

Nap on the Couch Source:


Sometimes, the simplest moments become the most cherished. Drifting off to sleep with your head nestled against their shoulder, feeling the gentle rise and fall of their breath—it's in these serene instances that affection deepens. There's a certain magic in the coziness of an impromptu nap together, interwoven with the comfort of each other's presence. It's as if the world stands still, granting you both a pocket of peace where love quietly whispers. The couch becomes a mere backdrop to a scene rich with tenderness and unspoken connection, painting a picture of profound intimacy and trust.


Fell Asleep

Fell Asleep Source:


Making Dinner

Making Dinner Source:


Sick Day

Sick Day Source: demilked


Movie Night

Movie Night Source:



Surprise! Source:


In the Loft

In the Loft Source:


Sleeping Snuggle

Sleeping Snuggle Source:

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Smile! Source:


Quick Kiss

Quick Kiss Source:


The simplicity of a fleeting peck can sometimes encapsulate more emotion than the longest embrace. It's often in these unplanned, swift moments that the essence of true love shines through. Whether it's a gentle touch of the lips before rushing off to work or a subtle sign of affection in the midst of chaos, such small gestures are the threads that weave the fabric of a deep, enduring connection between two souls. It reminds us that love, quite often, speaks loudest in whispers and in the quickness of breath.


In the Alley

In the Alley Source:


Sharing Ice Cream Cones

Sharing Ice Cream Cones Source:


Dance with Me

Dance with Me Source:


Had a Bad Day

Had a Bad Day Source:


Reading Together

Reading Together Source:


Scary Storm!

Scary Storm! Source:


Staring into the swirling fury of a tempest might not scream romance, but it's moments like these that bond two hearts stronger than the wildest wind. As the skies rage with thunder and lightning, nestled safely in each other's arms is where serenity is found. It's an unexpected dance with nature, a chance to whisper sweet nothings over the roar of the rain, proving time and again that love endures, even when the skies are falling. This snapshot serves as a mesmerizing backdrop, illustrating that together, no storm is too fierce to weather.


Quick Dinner

Quick Dinner Source:


Green Crayon

Green Crayon Source:


Funny Face

Funny Face Source:


Candy Crush?

Candy Crush? Source:



Cheers! Source:



Snack Source:


This Book!

This Book! Source:


Bundle up

Bundle up Source:


Two Tablets

Two Tablets Source:

To see more of her work, visit Puuung's portfolio at

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This was shown in a Korean drama called W I've been watching on Vicki

Its not that i dont love my husband, i do. A lot! Talking to this person makes me happy though i have never had any romantic conversations with my crush

Wait omagad just noticed that it was the book that was showin in a drama "W-2worlds" ahhhh sooo cute tho 😻😻😻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

So cute . I hope my relationship like this illustrations 😍


Hope this will be a relationship I'm in some


Freakin adorable !


Scary storm... Really?

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