This is What True Love Looks like ...

Jennifer Knightstep

This is What True Love Looks like ...

Korean artist Puuung has created a series of incredibly sweet images that show us all that love happens and flourishes, in a thousand tiny ways, every day. It's the little moments that count, and in these moments, love is there. This is exactly what love looks like.

1 In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen Source:

2 Nap on the Couch

Nap on the Couch Source:

3 Fell Asleep

Fell Asleep Source:

4 Making Dinner

Making Dinner Source:

5 Sick Day

Sick Day Source: demilked

6 Movie Night

Movie Night Source:

7 Surprise!

Surprise! Source:

8 In the Loft

In the Loft Source:

9 Sleeping Snuggle

Sleeping Snuggle Source:

10 Smile!

Smile! Source:

11 Quick Kiss

Quick Kiss Source:

12 In the Alley

In the Alley Source:

13 Sharing Ice Cream Cones

Sharing Ice Cream Cones Source:

14 Dance with Me

Dance with Me Source:

15 Had a Bad Day

Had a Bad Day Source:

16 Reading Together

Reading Together Source:

17 Scary Storm!

Scary Storm! Source:

18 Quick Dinner

Quick Dinner Source:

19 I Broke It!

I Broke It! Source:

20 Green Crayon

Green Crayon Source:

21 Funny Face

Funny Face Source:

22 Candy Crush?

Candy Crush? Source:

23 Cheers!

Cheers! Source:

24 Snack

Snack Source:

25 This Book!

This Book! Source:

26 Bundle up

Bundle up Source:

27 Two Tablets

Two Tablets Source:

To see more of her work, visit Puuung's portfolio at