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Are you in love? Have you found the one? Will you ever find love? What sort of guy should you be looking for? These are questions, and more, we’d all love to know the answer to. If you need help with love, take these quizzes and see where they take you.

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Are You in Love?
How do you tell if what you are feeling is love? Love is a tricky animal and we all have our own definitions of what love is. But there are some generalizations we can use to help us identify if our emotions have entered the tunnel of love. This quiz will help you answer the question, “Am I in love?”


Why Don’t You Have a Boyfriend Yet?
You know you are fabulous. You know you are beautiful. You’re an intelligent, accomplished woman with a lot to offer a relationship. Yet you don’t have a boyfriend. Find out through this quiz why that might be.


What’s Your Dating Personality?
Are you a man magnet or a wallflower? If you want to meet the right sort of man for you, you need to know what your dating personality is. This will give you clues to where to go to meet men who might be right for you.


What Are the Chances of Your Crush Liking You Back?
Your heart skips a beat every time he walks by. There are butterflies doing a ballet in your tummy every time you’re in the same room. You can’t go to sleep at night before you dream of your life together. But does he feel the same? Find out with this quiz if your crush is worth pursuing or whether it’s time to move your affections elsewhere.

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Are You Too Picky to Find Love?
You don’t want to settle for just anyone. You don’t want to lower your expectations. But there’s a void in your life in the love department. Are you making it too hard to find someone to love? Find out here if you are sabotaging your chances of a love life.


Are You Ready to Meet Your Soulmate?
Some people are very lucky to connect with their soulmate through natural circumstances. Others never find theirs – even though they end up in a happy, successful relationship. Do you want to leave finding your soulmate to serendipity or give chance a helping hand? This quiz goes beyond quizzing. After answering the questions there’s the chance you will be emailed the details of your soulmate!


Who is Your Mr. Right?
So finding your soulmate via an online quiz is not your idea of romance and you’re quite happy to leave your destiny in the hands of the love gods. Gods they may be, but they still need a helping hand. There’s no reason to leave it all to the vagaries of fate. This quiz will help you identify the perfect mate.


Are You Ready for Commitment?
So you’ve taken lots of online quizzes and they’ve all confirmed that you have indeed been stuck by Cupid’s arrow. But you want to know what the next stage is. Is he a keeper and do you want to spend the rest of your life with him? Are you ready to take it the next level?


Should You Stay or Should You Go?
You’ve made a big emotional investment in your relationship but there’s too much doubt about its future niggling away at you to ignore. Is it best to try and work through the problems or maybe they’re beyond repair? Find out here if it is indeed time to call a halt to your relationship.

Remember ladies, these quizzes are not scientific and are just for fun. BUT, they can help you understand yourself better and in turn that makes you a better player in the love game.

I’d love to hear from you after you take any of the quizzes above. Please take a few and come back and share your opinion of them.

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This is honestly made me feel like crap. Cute quizzes, bad results.

I got my crush totally likes me back :D

I did #4 and it says my crush loves me back 😊😊

My one said I'm booked😂I don't need a boyfriend, and that I'm having a great time with just my friends😂😂

It's easy to predict what your answers will say, but some of the quizzes didn't load results quickly.

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